2007-12-25 HwoToDo

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Thanks, Hans!

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Merry Christmas to everyone here!

(Sweet transclusion demonstration, btw!)

  • Thanks, Lion. I’m very keen on my recent work with TransClusion, in particular…
    • TiddlyWiki has recently improved its ability to read external source and render it.
    • The OddMuse “…action=…;raw-1” works well, making it possible to extract the source for an OddMuse page and render in within a TiddlyWiki wrapper. There seem to be a great many uses for this (since TiddlyWiki is a very hot development area and javascript is a very effective client-side resource)….
      • One that I am really stress testing just now, takes advantage of TiddlyWiki’s superb tagging capabilities to craft a fully tagged “wrapper” around common wiki source stored in an oddmuse wiki on my personal systems.
      • A neat combination is the use of the oddmuse …copy:http… to have a page on my personal system then automatically copy itself to various public hives such as the lone that I am creating for a flickr group (which is where this Xmas greeting originates).
  • This is really just the tip of the ice-berg. 2007 was a great “re-tooling” year for me. 2008 will now have many wonderful opportunities to “roll all of this out”. I think its going to be a great and Happy New Year!

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