2012-06-18 Talk

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Wtf is all this stuff doing on CW?

Mattis Manzel:
Moving here from [[2012-06-07_WikiNet?]]:

Holy cow what a mess of links and feeds and icons and InterWiki names. Mattis, does anybody use this beyond yourself? It’s confusing as hell. I’m already finding myself alienated from RecentChanges on CommunityWiki since I no longer understand what the pages say, for whom they are written, or what the benefit for people like me is.

What’s the goal, here? Better networking? Networking is not a goal per se. It must be networking between various people. Who are these people? I don’t feel like I’m a part of this network. Who is sitting at the other end of all these connections?

Mµs? Net groups? Hive talk? Kabo? WTF?

I’m confused.

Sorry Alex. Complicated, admitted. It’s kinda what came to my mind over the recent years. I couldn’t help applying it to the community-wiki. Let me just add a few wiki-net pages to finish, then we wait for 7 days and the confusion is gone from the recent changes. I think we can continue as usual then without being disturbed by the pages I made recently. I might update a day-page-set here and now and maybe parts of the whole mess can be used with other ideas later. No bad intentions.

Ok, we’ll see. I do believe that you have no bad intentions. I’d say that perhaps I am worried about you. Did you see Beautiful Mind? Do you remember where he sits in his shack in the backyard with a huge map on the wall, and thousands of snippets, and lines and links and little pages of stuff everywhere, everything is so stuffed, so crazy. And it’s all in his head. He thinks it is important. He worries. He builds. And I felt like his wife, blundering into the secret hideout, and seeing the mass of changes, and the many pages I did not understand, and I felt dread creeping up my spine. What does it all mean?


No, I didn’t see it yet. This is a jam session. We don’t know what it all means.

Don’t worry Alex, please. Maybe it’s what’s commonly called crazy (I’m in good company here) but it surely is for a good purpose. I’m repeating what I did before with the usual slight improvement on odd-wiki-hive - 'wiki-net' currently. No groove without repetition. The oldest traces of human culture are five lines carved into a stone somewhere (or are the bear crane settings in Switzerland older? Dunno).

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