2013-01-01 Talk

(Some links that used to be here were removed by AlexSchroeder.)

In order to keep our [[connected_web-services?]] updated I repost yesterday’s conversation with Alex here. SamRose set up a minute-page based wiki back in 2007 that would circumvent the “one day-page-post a day into the connected web-services only problem”. I mixed up days and minutes back then and called it diki (day-page based wiki), it should have been miki …

Yesterday’s talk:

I’m not quite sure why I insist trying to make a facebook group work, that includes the [[soup?]] of the community-wiki. Probably it works (even better) without. I thought I could try to strip the soup of the wiki from the group feed with the [[yahoo_-_pipes_community-wiki_-_facebook_group_community-wiki_no_soup?]] but the feed by facebook’s groups to rss itself is weird. Not a success yet, rather a silly idea. Got to go shopping now, grr.

Later, before 20012 is done I’ll clean up the mess I created so Alex feels a little better.

Un buon capodanno a tutti!

Interesting discovery on the way: The [[tumblr-community-wiki-feed?]] contains the user icons, cool! For a test I just included the feed into [[facebook_-_community-wiki?]]. With a little luck I might even get posts from the community-wiki with user icons returning back from facebook on the page [[facebook_community-wiki?]]. Maybe I have to wait til next year to see the first community-wiki user icon in facebook. But that’s only 9 hours to go ;)

Mad Alex

Please reread 2012-06-18 Talk, Mattis.

“Holy cow what a mess of links and feeds and icons and InterWiki names. Mattis, does anybody use this beyond yourself? It’s confusing as hell. I’m already finding myself alienated from RecentChanges on CommunityWiki since I no longer understand what the pages say, for whom they are written, or what the benefit for people like me is.

What’s the goal, here? Better networking? Networking is not a goal per se. It must be networking between various people. Who are these people? I don’t feel like I’m a part of this network. Who is sitting at the other end of all these connections?”

I use RecentChanges as a tool, Mattis. I use it to monitor the changes on this wiki. I use this wiki because I care about the topic. It seems that as soon I create five pages that are on topic, you edit twenty pages that are about networking this site into other sites—but nobody joins the fucking conversation. Instead, I can’t find my own fucking words on RecentChanges anymore.

Please, Mattis. Before we do any networking we need to have a conversation here. And I mean here, on this site, using our RecentChanges. I don’t care about importing tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and who knows what else. I’ve never seen more conversation because of this networking. All I have seen is less of the very little conversation that happens.

I feel like I have to use stronger language, in your face language, to get through to you. It pains me to write like this. I tried ignoring it. I tried telling you that the experiment failed. I thought Oddwiki would allow you to do your thing on your own site. Half a year ago I tried telling you that it looked like the work of a madman. This time, I am mad. What the fuck is going on, Mattis?

Community Wiki is practically dead. Connecting the unconscious corpse to other sites doesn’t help. All these pages with imported feeds—have you looked at them and found interesting conversation? If you did—and I never did the handful of times I tried—why didn’t you copy it onto a separate page so we could talk about it here? All you have done is inserted little machines into the dead body. Instead of resting in peace, Community Wiki is twitching with feeds that do not provide nourishment, turning it into a Zombie, and it’s all there on RecentChanges.

Think of it this way: If a person is interested in Community Wiki, don’t you think they want to see the small number of on topic pages in their RSS feed? They are not interested in changes to pages that link to other sites that have nothing to say.

Half a year ago you said “This is a jam session. We don’t know what it all means.” I think my anger has helped me see that this is not what I want this site to be. If I want a jam session where I don’t know what it means I assume I could find it on 4chan or some other site. I still think that this site has a topic. I still think the pages here have value. “We don’t know what it all means” is not an excuse to do whatever we like.

Half a year ago you said “but it surely is for a good purpose. I’m repeating what I did before with the usual slight improvement on odd-wiki-hive.” I don’t you mean well. I feel I need to take a stand and tell you that I don’t see the benefit. I don’t see it. This is not the odd-wiki-hive. I’m not interested in the odd-wiki-hive.

Some links:

  • ForestFire is what you are doing: creating a ton of pages without people talking about it
  • ColdBlanket is what I am doing: trying to stop somebody
  • RightToFork is what allows you to take all of this site and do whatever you want elsewhere
  • RoleOfRecentChanges is about the public aspect of editing and creating pages

I don’t know what to do, Mattis. I like you. I like your positive attitude. I like to see you hang out on IRC. I like your enthusiasm for your interconnected wiki hive. Perhaps you’re pulling in the direction of SmallFederatedWiki and I’m not seeing it. Perhaps I’m shutting you down even though you’re on the right track. For all of that, I’m sorry. My problem is and remains, however, that I’m not seeing it. I’d like to see some conversation, first. Some positive feedback before continuing this mad tower of interconnected feeds.

Perhaps I’m also totally wrong. In that case, perhaps we should have a vote in the CommunityWikiAssembly?

Unfortunately I did some major edits to the community-wiki during my recent engagement, it’s true that these edits deviate from the wiki’s clear topic. Sorry for that. Imagine the works ready (like in a few days, no major edits anymore) and the hearing threshold level of the RecentChanges dropped back to normal. You can:

  • follow the community-wiki on blogger, delicious, diigo, facebook, the facebook page, google plus, the google plus page, identi.ca, linkedin, tumblr, twitter, wordpress
  • read µblogging messages tagged #CommunityWiki or mentioning the community-wiki locally
  • read contributions to groups associated with the community-wiki locally
  • see all feeds in use, the associated groups and the day-page-sets nicely listed on pages providing specific feeds

Wouldn’t that be of advantage?

I didn’t make it to remove some mess I created while still in 2012 but I started this morning with removing the baroque double inclusions via friendfeed and the entire friends community-wiki section. I overdid on some occasions when making things up. A little rowing back here and now is normal.

And is working on a framework that makes cross service platform communication easier that off topic?

No bad feelings, Alex. I have plenty of wikis to work on, thanks again for setting up the hives for me. Sure, I’d be interested in feedback on what I made up from the brains gathered on community-wiki. Such lacks on my wikis.

Good idea with the assembly vote btw.

Much later… I’ve decided to delete all these confusing links. They confuse me every single time I visit the site.


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