2020-07-21 New Gemini Integration

We’re now even better integrated into Gemini! Let’s hope this works out. This wiki is now being served on Gemini Wiki, with all the Oddmuse integration happening in the back via HTTP calls to Oddmuse. The source code for that is available from the main page. Look for the link at the bottom of the list.

Basic editing happens via Titan. The config file linked above does a whole lot of search and replace to turn the old wiki text into gemtext, the Gemini markup that is being served on port 1965. Expect a lot of breakage. Personally, I really like the idea of starting over, with absolutely minimal markup.

I’m expecting that these changes also bring some form of breakage. I think it’s unavoidable. But I’m also ready to move on from Use⁠Mod markup, for example. The wiki we’re using has HTML pages cached, so it’s only when touching old pages that we need to pay attention and rewrite them. And thus, slowly, ever so slowly, the wiki is moving again.

Here’s an example of some of the transitions happening: WikiWords are still linked. If you want to unlink them, you need to use the Unicode character WORD JOINER, U+2060. The alternative would be to lose all the wiki word links. Eventually, I want to get there. But links are trickier than other markup and thus they’re staying. But one day! One day everything is going to be Gemtext plus a few of my favourite wiki link options: text in double square brackets, or URL and text in square brackets… And let’s be honest, here. Almost nobody visits Community Wiki anymore so we might as well take it along for a ride!

I’m happy to have you along on the ride! 😄

– Alex


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