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Echoes of the ZettelKasten conversation; web-like arrangements of local tree-type structures.

new: 2021-03-26 08:13 UTCAlex Schroeder: The observation that all organization of information is time-based, with tags also being time dependent, is something that is very much on my mind. With my homepage now having nearly twenty years worth of pages on it, I “solve” this particular issue by searching both for a tag and a page name match, which works since I use a DatePage format. I can search for `#rpg` and filter for `2006` in order to get the slice I want. It feels very crude but it’s a start. I’ve also started investing more into the sorting of search results, in the same crude fashion. When searching for something, the results are sorted first by date descending (to get recent blog posts), and then alphabetically ascending (for regular wiki pages), with comments and images belonging to a date page sorted right after the date page itself.

I remain very interested in the Bliki idea, and the irresistible draw. Perhaps the temporal nature of blogs is more important than I was willing to give it credit for back in 2003. 😊

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I’m not sure how this is going to help, but at least the tech side of this is solved to a large degree. What’s lacking is adoption. I suspect it’s just not useful enough.


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