Hi, I’m Aaron Graves, and I’m here because I’m interested in the “psychology” behind wikis. This includes, but is not limited to:

I’m interested in these areas because I’m in active development of a wiki engine. During early development I came across Oddmuse, and conceptually borrowed some things from it in my own engine.

If you’d like to know more information about me, or to contact me, you can find my on my personal homepage at http://ajgraves.myunixhost.com.

I look forward to interacting with this community!


Welcome to CommunityWiki! You’ll find that most of the old crew has faded away. Perhaps new content on wikis will attract a new one. I sure hope so! :)

Hi Aaron, welcome. Just taking a look into the good old fire place community-wiki after a long while. We spent some cosy evenings writing here earlier, true.

I tried to write a comment on your wiki: It appears that you are attempting to spam it says when saving.

Thanks for the welcomes!

@MattisManzel, what was the content of your comment? Did you fill out the TextCha?? The anti-spam features are fairly new still so if there’s a bug somewhere I’d love to squash it.

DOH! I played around with it a bit today, and noticed I had a bug in my code for testing the TextCha? answer. Basically, it was attempting to reference the element of the form by a different name, and since the two didn’t match, it would fail (regardless of whether or not you answered the question correctly).

I fixed the bug, and verified it works. Thanks @MattisManzel!

The oddmuse, Aaron, is like an omelet. Too much pepper spoils it, kinda. :)

I’m afraid I don’t follow…

Nevermind. I don’t recall what I meant myself. I write weird things sometimes.:)

Define external redirect: TextCha