This page is a reaction to AboutVoting. A lot of statements have been made about voting there (such as creating winners and losers) that seem to be bound to the more fundamental process of decision making. The separation seems important for one can try to avoid voting but one can't avoid making decisions. The point is (and I'll try to show that this is a fallacy): if you can blame voting for faulty decisions within our society then you seem to have a lever hold to discredit and fight democracy itself. But if this argument is wrong, and the problems are in the decision process (as I'll argue), then all this fighting against voting will be in vain and counterproductive, because it will not increase the quality of the decision process. So all this is also AboutDemocracy and its deficiencies. Wiki related thoughts should go to WikiBasedDecisionMaking. – HelmutLeitner

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seems important to me, but only in the case of reciprocal agreement ->
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