Basic Idea

QuickNotes is an experiment in MicroContribution.

QuickNotes are made for several situations:

You have an idea, but…

Some basic concepts:

Why isn't QuickNotes working?

I have puzzled over why this site's QuickNotes do not work very well, but the MappersProcess:IdeasToPlace to my own wiki do work well. (For example, WikiFeatures:IdeasToPlace works great.) I believe I have figured out the answer.

It is because there is no distribution phase for this wiki. See MappersProcess:TheIdeaLifeCycle?.

There's this phase between "thought collection" and "reflection," which is "thought distribution."

That means, putting the ideas where they need to go. That's like WikiKM:IntelligenceIsInfoTimePlace - putting ideas in the right place, so they can be used when they are needed. The right place for the idea is next to where you would use that sort of idea.

Segregate QuickNotes

So, I think we need to start segregating out thoughts, when we identify big consistencies, into seperate lists. For example, if there are a bunch of QuickNotes about PageCluster ideas, there should be PageClusterQuickNotes?, and it should show up in the ExperimentalTechnology PageCluster, where we talk about PageCluster stuff.

If we identify patterns, for which there are no pages yet, just make up a name for a list, and stick the list in the QuickNotes page cluster.

But- You only put them into a special list, if you have at least, say, 5-10 items. (But, if there's already a cluster for the idea, then, it'd probably be best to put even just one or two QuickNotes in there, since, I would think, they would be likely to spur on more QuickNotes.)

What do you all think? – LionKimbro

General Discussion

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