"AccessFailure" is when you can't find a space in an IntelligenceDatabase? fast enough to be useful. It's a type of IntelligenceFailure.

Specific access failures:

One cause of AccessFailure is TooManyChoices.

Access Failure and Wiki

As a wiki (or any other notes system) becomes larger, Access Failure becomes more and more of an issue.

A demonstration from the physical world:

Similar things happen within wiki. As Futures:WikiFragmentation? occurs, it will happen between wiki as well..! You may remember seeing something occur on some wiki, or a related wiki, but you won't remember which one it was!

IndexingSchemes, ReDirection?, and ReFactoring combat AccessFailure.

IndexingSchemes combat AccessFailure, but there may be an upper bound on their ability to do so.

Note that AccessFailure does not render wiki useless. There is incredible instructional power in wiki. AccessFailure simply means it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain integration amongst wiki. There will always be integration, the question is just how tight it can be, and how easy it will be to use.

"Blame the individual or the organization? … The Feb. 1, 2003 burn-up of space shuttle Columbia … This is a classic case where collectively the information exists to make the right decision, but it did not get communicated to the right people." –

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