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One expression of the question is:

    “How to get into action?”

Another is:

    “How do we adapt our 40-hour workweek lives to meaningful, collaborative action?”

Still another is:

    “How do I concentrate and focus on my work?”

The nature of the Internet, and Action

The internet is currently a communications medium. In the future this could change, but that is the way that the internet is now.

Ideas and potential human energy are easily communicated, but not easily acted upon. If the internet is the medium for communication, what is the medium for action?

Feel free to do whatever you want with the above. :)


Based on my own work, and thinking about ActionResearchWiki, IdeaCauldron, and other related approaches to action: If communications, construction of community, research, ConLang?, TheoryBuilding, TestingTheoryThroughAction, etc are tied to, and directly driven by ongoing human activity, then action will tend to precede communication. Communication will work to service and enhance action.

The problem that we currently face is that most people who are actively pursuing the means of basic survival are investing most of their active time into large institutions that encircle and enclose their communications. Those activities that are centered around:

  • Food
  • Energy
  • “Things” (shelter, clothing, technology, books, etc: PsychologicalSurvival?)
  • Access (to information, technology, infrastructure, etc etc)

…tend to drive activity in our world currently. What if we can plausibly, realistically, start to solve the above problems in ways that do not encircle and enclose?

We stand to gain real benefits in the form of “Commons” that are based around the above activities.

Here in the midwest United States, now that most traditional institutions are collapsing, we have a real chance to try this out. There is momentum around each of the areas (Food, Energy, Things, Acccess) listed above. Access is probably the least served or acknowledged, but as mentioned here it is vital to consider who moves the communication that is tied to your basic survival action.

We’re writing a book about this here: and also creating software and an open specification (mostly will be used for Local Food Systems currently, and also for package managment for Open Design) here talking about this here, as I think it is related to ActionResearchWiki.

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