I made a simple WikiVoting module for OddMuse.

I'm hoping that this can be used to simulate nods and shakes of the head; that is, instead of keeping silent or posting "[ new::]I agree" (which is useful but clutters things), you do this.

To "nod" (or vote "agree"), you write "[+]". To "shake" (or vote "disagree"), you write "[-]". These will be signed and dated automatically the same way as [ new:: ].

All nods and shakes which refer to the same statement should be next to each other, separated only by whitespace (they can be on different lines as long as nothing is between them).

See an example on

The green=yes, red=no is clear but maybe it looks too silly. Feel free to help out making it look better.

(fun feature: the module actually prints the list of agreers and disagreers in the HTML, but with the default CSS, that list is hidden)

This was inspired by RatingAsContent, Ka-Ping's TypedThreadedDiscussion syntax (where users just prepend their message with [+] or [-] to denote agreement or disagreement), the [ new:: ], and the portraits/colored comments blocks,



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