AmDramWiki is designed for autonomous collectives and cooperatives. It uses language from amateur dramatics and stagecraft to explain wiki technology. This is an early idea.

Project Background

Make branches easy to understand

In AmDramWiki we make BranchingWiki understandable using these simple concepts from theatre:

Privacy Online

Enlarging space

The branching wiki allows many Adaptions to be composed independently, and the Adaptions may become much more interesting than the original Play. For each Adaption, there will be a separate list of RecentChanges, so multiple teams can work uninterrupted.

The RecentChanges could be federated and interleaved for several Adaptions, even across the wiki-net.

Project Scope

Who is the technology intended for?

What do we definitely want to include?

Wear hats and increase privacy

AmDramWiki can increase privacy and take advantage of the SixThinkingHats:

Within each group, members can regularly swap between DramaCharacters. The changeover could be done using a hidden schedule.

The group members will know one-another, but outside observers won’t know who’s who, so RealNames and individual responsibility can be hidden from outsiders.


What do we definitely want to avoid?

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