Girlfriend of LionKimbro

Amber has a blog.LionKimbro


Hi miss-world Amber dear. MattisManzel (net-friend of the above mentioned) :)

Hello Mattis! I’m still all figuring out how to post and stuph. Interesting. I need type new:my name. AmberStraub

Hello and welcome !

To post, just write [new::], the system should fill it up automatically.

I believe I talked to you on the phone after reading reading Lion’s book :)

Hope you enjoy it here !

Bonjour et bienvenue Amber. Good idea to join ! Hope to see you tonite in our ting with lion, our game-master – xtof (french pupil of the above mentioned) :)

Nope, no Ting for me. I have to watch the Sakura-Monster so he can Ting.

I will be in Victoria in January and Donna (my wife) will be with me. I haven’t had a chance to tell Lion this yet, but …

  • your question to Lion about whether he was working at home or …
  • … made me think you might enjoy meeting Donna. (She has often complained that I am easier to communicate with electronically, as oppsed to ‘directly’).

Perhaps, if Lion agrees that he would like to meet, you would be interested in joining us for a dinner?

Sure, I love Victoria and Lion’s never been. But, I never complain about it being easier to communicate with Lion electronically. ‘Directly’ can be inefficient.