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Dear Folks –

I am Director of Research at Redefining Progress, a sustainability think-tank oriented toward finding solutions that simultaneously promote a strong economy, a healthy environment, and a just society. I am best known as an expert in pollution taxes and other market approaches to sustainability, work in our Sustainable Economics Program. It is less well-known but still true that I am a leading architect of the recently-passed legislation capping California’s greenhouse gas emissions (the Global Warming Solutions Act, also called AB 32). I was co-author (with Jim Barrett) of the first (and still only) comprehensive climate plan for the U.S. to be endorsed by major labor unions, Clean Energy and Jobs, and lead the team that wrote African Americans and Climate Change: An Unequal Burden for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. That report included a prediction that more frequent and severe hurricanes would disproportionately harm low-income communities of color a year before Katrina struck.

Since moving Oakland, California, from Washington DC in 2003 (when my former organization, the Center for a Sustainable Economy, merged with Redefining Progress) I have also founded and volunteered for Love & Politics, a support, networking and action organization for people whose commitment to social change is anchored in a more expansive and egalitarian vision of family and loving relationship. These include same-sex relationships, polyamorous (i.e. honest egalitarian multiple-partner) relationships, non-sexual intentional families and communities, and single-parent families.

I am showing up here in large part because I am trying to organize something that I call the Convergence Institute for Essential Change. This is a project to promote dialogue, collaboration and long-term thinking among progressive organizations, movements, and traditions. It is intended to lead to a residential center for activists and progressive scholars in San Francisco East Bay area who share these goals to serve as a nucleus for organizing around them. In the meantime, we are planning a series of Convergence Dinners: small, free (to the guests) gourmet dinners that bring together leading activists and scholars from diverse movements and traditions to discuss the most crucial questions that confront the progressive movement in a relaxed, informal setting. The dinners will be cooked, hosted, and paid for by our volunteers. There is a longer description of my dream for a software support system for this venture on the StrategicDialogSupportSoftware page.

I also have a description of a new project, applying some of the tools and philosophy of the open-source movement to the problem of encoraging economic development in the poorest nations, at OpenSourceEconomicDevelopment.

I grew up mainly around Cleveland, Ohio (Shaker Heights) where my family still lives. I have deep ties of affection and family history to the Traverse Bay area of Michigan, especially around Lake Leelanau. I am a voracious reader, especially of political theory, evolutionary theory, poetry and science fiction. B.A. in Economics from Cornell U., a J.D. from Case Western Reserve School of Law, and M.A. in Economics from the U. of Maryland College Park.

On the personal side, I moved to the West Coast only two and a half years ago, and am a bit of a workaholic, so I am always looking for get more connected to intelligent, progressive social circles, in the Bay area or elsewhere.

I am new to this community, if you read any part of this description and think – “Boy, he really ought to talk to person X,” please do drop me a line with person X’s name and a sentence on why we should talk. Thanks!

Peace & Joy, Andrew Hoerner cell: (510) 507-4820



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