A wiki you use to create applications.

This would differ from a normal wiki, supporting things like:


Working on LocalNames, it's clear to me that I need an ApplicationWiki. There are hoards of little tools that are useful, and 95% of the code is just in hoisting up forms and web pages. Each one, it's own little project…

It's sad, and wasteful.

Is anyone aware of a Free, Python, application wiki? It doesn't need to be good.

If not, I'm probably going to set down to working one out.

I'm going to:

  • make some sort of syntax for text boxes: $FOO, perhaps
  • 1 form per page, max (simplifies things)
  • if there's a Python module (.py) with the same name as the page (.txt), then it's called with all the form data collected together; it can set values back in the dictionary, which become template values.
  • lower case var-names indicate form values, upper case var-names indicate just normal variables

It doesn't seem like this should be too hard…

It doesn't need to be able to do everything, just basic text in/out.

There are a large number of wiki engines (Wiki:WikiEngines) written in Python, most prominent MoinMoin.

I meant something that helps you write web applications.

Something that lets you write forms, makes it easy to hand off control to a program, fill out template values, stuff like that.

( I've contributed code and bugfixes to MoinMoin. :) )

ZwikiWiki? is a Python wiki built on the Zope application server???

Interesting. I've played around with Zope before.

There's also some Oddmuse stuff that might be of interest to to Perl headz… ;) Starting with the Oddmuse:Form Extension.

Reminds me of SparrowWeb (which is not free software). Perhaps see also ExtensibleWikis.

I should make clear- I'm not actually talking about a community wiki. In fact, I'm not sure it's a wiki at all.

Rather, it's just a way to quickly make apps. Use wiki-like mechanism to layout the pages and tell how they connect to one another.

I'm thinking about Zope again. It's just… so terribly heavy. I'd never want to share a Zope app I made with someone else. "Okay, well, the first thing you need to do is… …install and learn ZOPE." Words I never want to have to say.

Also, this "vision" page on Twiki looks relevant:

and I have a hunch that a CommunityProgrammableWiki would evolve in this direction (a general platform for making stuff), but that's a long way off.

It seems to me, that you are looking for something like with a web interface ?


Like PythonCard or HyperCard.

(One of my favorite apps on my computer is a PythonCard demo that is actually incredibly useful: It lets you type in a PythonInfo:RegularExpression, and highlights matches. You can edit either regex or text, the highlights adjust in realtime. And then, it prints out how the .groups() are identified in code. It's terribly useful. Though, I don't envision that sort of thing for the ApplicationWiki; this is just a side story.)

I never quite understood how you would build an application using hypercard.

It worked a little like a database GUI: you'd set up a template, called the "background", with text boxes and buttons, common to a group of (though not all the) pages in a stack. Each page could have different text in each text box, so the text boxes were the equivalent of database columns and the pages of database rows. Button code couldn't vary, but you could refer to "this page" to get page-specific data.

Hypercard also provided a slew of common buttons, like "prev", "next", "search" and "new page", so you could set up a simple application without writing a single line of code. However, since one could add fields and buttons programatically, it could all get just as complicated as you liked. The language was even a bit object-orientated, though only fields, buttons, pages, backgrounds and stacks were objects - you couldn't roll your own.

Finally, you could turn off most of the features of hypercard once the stack was done, and hand it out like a regular application.

HyperCard was the best.

This is one of those time where computer programming went backwards - the death of HyperCard.

Even Squeak doesn't can't get near HyperCard's glory- Squeak's a bit too complicated. It's not half as intuitive as HyperCard was.

We wrote games, editors, all kinds of stuff in it. It totally rocked.

Weird, reminds me of some dbase3 coding I did for my dad when I wrote my first address application – must have been around 1990… :)

Yeah, HyperCard rocked. Every wiki where computer programmers hang out should have a "HyperCardRocked?" page on which to put the inevitable accolades.

Les Orchards writes about Discovering WSGI and XSLT as middleware. WSGI looks interesting.


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