An Argument Map is a VisualLanguage representation of an argument.

Many arguments between opposing sides are well displayed in a graph. And VisualLanguage provides lots of power that has been mostly untapped.

See Robert Horn's Argument Maps for some good visual language argument maps.

Visual Argument Map Software Ideas

For now, making visual argument maps is not easy - especially if you want all sides to be able to plug their ideas in easily. So, what would be cool :

There is already some software for keeping a TypedThreadedDiscussion that can automatically generate an ArgumentMap.

If people grow acustomed to looking through argument graphs, and are able to see more complexity at a given time, they would probably demand more from their typical thinking.

A talk by a ILogos developer Matthew Easterday given at OD2005 noted the following problems with other existing software:

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StandPedia – notice that they have structured arguments [1] like sort of like the structured evidential argumentation system [2].

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