[fr]Voir CraoWiki:ArnaudFontaine (je la préfére à celle qui traine sur MeatBall depuis début 2003 ... Et puis au moins sur CraoWiki, le contenu est libre ;) )
[de]Siehe CraoWiki:ArnaudFontaine (ich ziehe es, seit jene seit Anfang 2004 auf MeatBall verkehren, vor ... und mehr oder weniger CraoWiki, der Inhalt dort ist frei ;)

Foaf :



"Remember - on wiki the glass isn't half empty, it is half full" - Bienvenue à CommunityWiki. Ton foto - geniale. In case of a sudden growth of trees on your page, don't worry - this is normal here. Community is a pretty fertile ground these days, you know?

This kind of tree mysteriously spawned on my MeatBall page ;) About my glass, it's always half full of CraoWiki:Guinness :D

bienvenue à community wiki, Arnaud!

A glass is ok (along with a good calf's steak), Hey, you folks use jabber mostly, while I and many others here use IRC, ' gotta come together, eh? What ' you say Alex? #wiki-fr on IRC? For security reasons? Irc - you enter a freenode server - then you go to #wiki, #wiki-de, in case it alredy exists to #wiki-fr, whatever?

for your wiki tree see WikiFolks | WikiDe:BaumListing?

CraoWiki is now on the NearMap. This means that you will see the Crao Logo at the bottom of Community Wiki pages if the same page exists on CraoWiki -- taking UTF-8/Latin-1 differences into account! :) When you do a search and click on Search sites on the NearMap as well then CraoWiki will also be searched.

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