A simple Wiki:CaptchaTest that doesn’t involve pictures or anything like that: Each site has a list of plain text questions that may or may not require local knowledge. The important part is that they defeat simple robots spreading WikiSpam. The questions should require local knowledge so that distributed attacks such as routing the questions to other sites and have innocent users (eg. Porn surfers) answering questions is not possible. (This is how simple image recognition captchas are defeated.)

He is what the W3C Working Group Note on the Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA says on the subject:

Simple mathematical word puzzles, trivia, and the like may raise the bar for robots, at least to the point where using them is more attractive elsewhere.
Problems: Users with cognitive disabilities may still have trouble. Answers may need to be handled flexibly, if they require free-form text. A system would have to maintain a vast number of questions, or shift them around programmatically, in order to keep spiders from capturing them all. This approach is also subject to defeat by human operators.

The points are valid:

  1. Cognitive disabilities: Hopefully all the questions we are asking are very easy to answer. Please send if you find a question hard to answer.
  2. We will switch questions once we find that spammers have found a way arround them. Should this happen regularly, we’ll have to find a system where users can define questions and answers themselves.

Community Wiki Implementation

We’re using the Oddmuse:QuestionAsker Extension and list all the protected pages on QuestionsRequired?.

The current setup asks only English questions.

What is the first letter of this question?
How many letters are in the word “four”?
Tell me any number between 1 and 10
How many lives does a cat have?
What is 2 + 4?

Define external redirect: QuestionsRequired


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