Atom is an API for updating WebLogs and other Web pages. A good intro is here:

It's probably time to start thinking about how Atom will work with wikis. The Atom people have started discussing this:

I am assuming that, just like everything else, the various wiki engines will be slow to implement Atom support and the various wikis will be slow to upgrade. So I am building Atom support into WikiGateway. So, if you have an Atom client, and you want to target a wiki server which doesn't support Atom, you would send your Atom request to a WikiGateway instance which would interface with the target wiki for you. This functionality currently works in WikiGateway (code is available) (except for "COMMENT" support, which wikis don't do anyway), but I need to tidy up the code a bit before a real "release".

-- BayleShanks

Oddmuse has support for "raw" input and output, so I'm sure writing the proxy will be easy. We have code that lets Emacs users browse and edit the "raw" wiki text.

Examples: [browse with timestamp] [browse without timestamp] [all pages] [RecentChanges using RSS 3.0]

-- AlexSchroeder

Yep, it will be easy then. What should I do to save a page edit to the wiki? -- BayleShanks

To save a page on the wiki, use a POST to the script, and provide the following parameters: title, the name of the page, text, the new text if an edit, aftertext, if appending a comment at the end, username, for the username to use (stored in the cookie by default), pwd, for the password to use when editing locked pages (stored in the cookie by default), summary, for the summary (which will also be used in the RSS feed, so I have copying my additions to a page verbatim into the summary field), oldtime, if you want decent resolution of edit conflicts or raw=2, if the text you are saving back has the special timestamp as explained above, recent_edit=on, if this is a minor edit. If you are neither providing the oldtime parameter, nor using raw=2 with the timestamp, your edit will just overwrite any conflicting edits. Your next HTML pageview will contain a message if somebody else changed the page in the last ten minutes. -- AlexSchroeder

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