What to make of it?

Furthermore: is a dynamically generated podcast to which anyone at all can contribute. It expects "short" segments (under 5 minutes is suggested) which will be included in the feed as they are received. Think of it as an audio wiki or time-shifted unmoderated call-in show.
Radio Vox Populi … taking the content of the weblogs and broadcasting it … As weblog authors update their sites their writing is collected, synthesized into speech, and streamed to listeners as an Internet radio station.
An Audioblogging Manifesto - short version: Audioblogging sucks, because you can't skip forward and backwards.


The only audioblogs I listen to are my friends'.

I tried some of the tech video, but I get pretty impatient with it as well.

If you can sift through video though, with some nifty Google-search-tech… …maybe.


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