I am co-founding an “open company” to create a reputation economy system. The idea behind “open company” is that the company will be run like an open source project:

“Amount of value contributed” is estimated by using a reputation system (i.e. peer evaluation system, i.e. trust metric system). We will be using our own system to run the company. Contributors will submit peer evaluations of each other, and our algorithm will compute how much “PieShare?” each contributor has obtained. has some details.

Email me if you’d like to the password to the PieTrust? wiki (the wiki will be open after we launch, or maybe before, but right now it’s password-protected).

A few other CommunityWiki people are already getting involved, and I would love it if any other CommunityWiki regulars wished to join us. I will also be inviting MeatballWiki folks.

I have been working on this on the side for awhile, and we already have a (pathetically incomplete) prototype and a list of 8 potential clients, organizations who think they might use it and who are eagerly awaiting the finished product. Although the product will be crucial for other open companies, it will also be very valuable for traditional companies, in a variety of different applications, and I think the chance that we will be able to make good money is quite high. We’ve already seen the first smattering of interest from investors (although I have not pursued outside funding because I am worried about accidentally taking money from someone who turns out to not be committed to our ideals). I am committed to working on this project full-time after I finish my PhD?, which will happen within a few months.

(please don’t call public attention to this as we do not yet have the time to handle a lot of publicity – i just wanted to invite any CommunityWiki folks who are interested to join us early on)

My personal homepage is at

Here’s a picture of me holding a “sea hare” that Katherine and I found at the beach, near the tidepools!



May 5, 2011

I spent the last few years working on my PhD? thesis, learning about programming, and learning/thinking about governance systems. I am disappointed that I was not able to spend more time here, and on other wikis, and helping to create open source.

Here’s my analysis of the problem. What is preventing me (and probably everyone) from spending more time on these things is, (a), trying to do too many things at once, and, (b) it’s hard to find full-time jobs doing things like writing wiki pages, and creating new open source software projects; people get day jobs, and do that stuff at night. The solution to (a) is obvious, so only (b) remains to be discussed.

The day job situation is suboptimal for the community, because often the stuff people do at night is more world-changing than the stuff they do in their day job. In other words, people’s day jobs are getting in the way of their real work. The solution is to create economic structures that:

  1. pay people for adding value to collaborative projects
  2. give people the freedom to choose what to work on

Solving this problem would allow all of us to spend more time on our “real work”, therefore it is a high priority. This is the reason I’ve decided to dedicate myself to PieTrust? after I graduate.


I think you’ve brought an interesting perspective to this “collaboration”.

In my recent experience of the last two years, I’ve found that the more “work’ I jettison, the better the quality is of my residual work. Interestingly, I find that I still have far too much on my list of things ToDo, si I’m still looking forward to throwing out even more.

One question that continues to “tantalize” me is “Am I doing the right things?” (as opposed to just trying to “do things right”. For that reason, I remain open-minded about still getting involved in a few new activities.

Hence, I’d be happy to take a deeper look at PieTrust?.

--HansWobbe (forgot signature).

Great to see you Bayle..! Please check out ModelFreeMethods if you have the time..!

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