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Welcome, Ben! It's a very nice place here.

Yeah Ben! Get a life. Stop leaving yourself messages.

Hi Ben, 48x48 pixel. I put the bigger on top. Maybe you like it. Have fun on CW.

Welcome! :)

Mattis is right, it's 48x48 for everyone, though it can be hard to find a picture that "scrunches up" just right. Don't worry- everybody who's new faces this difficulty.

Look forward to talking with you on the new pages. :)

welcome, Ben! you've been busy! :) off i go to read your blog.

Yes, in your Blog I have found this perfect motivation for starting an experience which escapes definition, therefore it cannot be "business planned" ... because the money involved cannot be "won": You say (BTW - is there anything like a "blockquote" around ?)

I carry a lot of negative baggage in and around the idea of tournaments and games. One way to sum up my feelings about them is that they frame up a situation where N individuals enter a room and 1 winner emerges. Which is all well and good until you notice that N-1 losers emerge as well. It confuses me why people of free will would enter such a room. The advantage of optimistic concurrency as an organizing principle is that is that it allows the individuals to enter the room without taking as high or certain a risk that they will exit as losers.

Ages ago - 20 years BPT (Before Provider Time) - I was involved in the outbreak of one such experience, related to the risks involved in acquiring and using technology nobody knew a thing about (ie: scientific mainframes) .... Now, 10 years or so APT, I'm hoping - for the sake of the stories I'd like to tell my grandkids - to become involved in the outbreak of a similar (Wiki related) experience .... because something, in the mainframe related one, did go wrong .... and has not been recovered yet ... (i.e. using technology may be easier than sharing experiences).