particularly interested in WikiLog and TeamWiki contexts.

WebSeitzWiki: (would it be appropriate for this to be added to the InterMap?)


Welcome Bill! Thanks for your good help btw.

welcome, bill! wikilog interests me as well.

Bill, since you’re the one who suggested I get involved here, I’m glad to see you show up. A busy little community here… welcome!

I feel a little goofy saying “Welcome!” because you’ve been here before. But, that was a long time ago…


Welcome! Good to see you again! :)

Thanks, all!

hey bill. thx for joining in. We use 48 x 48 pixels here for our pics. DenotingAuthorMattisManzel

Dammit! I’ve been meaning to talk with you here about WikiLog and TeamWiki. So many things to say, so little time. If you want to call on phone, I’d love to talk with you. I can call you right back. 206.440.0247.

WikiFromPersonToGroupToBeyond? is the page I have in mind to write with you.

Definitely interested, will try to find time for KickOff? call… --BillSeitz

Also, see WebSeitzWiki:WikiWeb for some thoughts on GroupFormingNetworks?

Hello. I just added in the link to your page you mentioned, since it’s not InterMaped. Maybe you want to ask Alex to InterMap your site? (Oh! Now I see at the top of this page, you do mention it!)

There is filthy spam on my homepage on, I cant’t edit it nor login. Would you please remove it.

All better now. Have removed those postings as I run across them. If my system were more stable/transparent I would have written code to do so, alas…

Thanks. Me no code know, know? You know, I know.


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