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new: 2021-07-22 07:49 UTCAlex Schroeder: I’ve been defending against spam, using – among other things – the BannedHosts list. Sadly, the Oddmuse:Ban Contributors Extension sometimes generates borked regular expressions, preventing non-admins from editing the site. Which definitely prevents 100% of all spam edits 😆 but also prevents everybody else from editing.

I just fixed such a broken regular expression and we’re back. 😊

new: 2021-07-22 07:49 UTCAlex Schroeder: Ah, and the spammers are back as well. If you want to see it in action, you need to use the “List all changes” and “Include rollbacks” options on RecentChanges. More info on BannedContentDiscussion.

For the moment, the password to use is “fSu1Fbsa”, if you want to edit a page on the wiki.

new: 2021-07-25 19:36 UTCLionKimbro: A couple days ago, I tried to post here, and couldn’t – but it seems fixed now. If the spammers are out, great!

new: 2021-07-22 07:49 UTCAlex Schroeder: Yay! 😄


new: 2021-05-08 09:47 UTCAlex Schroeder: I’ll try to occasionally mention a wiki page on the fediverse, mentioning @wiki, a “group account” – i.e. it boosts any message that mentions it. Follow it, and you’ll get wiki related message from all over the fediverse. At least that’s the plan.

new: 2021-05-08 18:30 UTCTimurIsmagilov: That’s a nice idea. Perhaps, finally, a reason to use Fediverse for real. I have an account on Friendica but I don’t use it.

The default syntax for linking fediverse accounts did not work for the server.

new: 2021-05-08 09:47 UTCAlex Schroeder: Yeah, the current default code only actually works for Mastodon and Pleroma accounts, where a simple search and replace operation is sufficient. I don’t want to do a webfinger request before rendering the HTML, so there’s no way to find out. So I’m just adding exceptions as we go: twitter, nitter, and now…


A Discussion in Lion's Internet Office, #wikis

  • date: 2021-03-24
  • participants: @tme5, @lion

tme5 brings up:

  • maintaining page lists manually is a problem – (lion: I don’t understand the reasoning used here)
  • the problem that mentioning a category is the same as joining one – (resolving category participation by full text search)
    • “or maybe there can be a special way to mark a link as a “strong” link which comes up in a different listing than the usual backlinks”
  • ex: PMWiki has a (😝agelist … 😊 special directive, that has options and generates lists
  • (Lion suggests potential application of HalfVisualEditor concept.)

Lion brings up:

  • if trees are used in wiki, they must support aliasing – the same node appearing in multiple trees
  • trees should be rooted in time, because organizing in trees is fundamentally rooted in time (categorizations and categorization schemes are time-specific) – “This is the categorization system that made sense in 2021.”
  • tree mechanisms in wiki could be based in textually editable pages, but interacted with graphically, to take advantage of peer review on RecentChanges.
  • tags - same thing; All organization of information is time-based, first and foremost. So it’s not just tag “foo”, it’s tag “foo, created and assigned 2021.”
  • Lion: “Hm, I don’t quite get what you’re trying to do… You’re trying to make a clear top-down picture of the wiki?”
  • tme5: “yes, if it makes sense - but if it doesn’t, a clear picture of some sub-part of a wiki, where it is important that things are complete. I would think most looser, web-like wikis would still find use from this”

Echoes of the ZettelKasten conversation; web-like arrangements of local tree-type structures.

new: 2021-03-26 08:13 UTCAlex Schroeder: The observation that all organization of information is time-based, with tags also being time dependent, is something that is very much on my mind. With my homepage now having nearly twenty years worth of pages on it, I “solve” this particular issue by searching both for a tag and a page name match, which works since I use a DatePage format. I can search for `#rpg` and filter for `2006` in order to get the slice I want. It feels very crude but it’s a start. I’ve also started investing more into the sorting of search results, in the same crude fashion. When searching for something, the results are sorted first by date descending (to get recent blog posts), and then alphabetically ascending (for regular wiki pages), with comments and images belonging to a date page sorted right after the date page itself.

I remain very interested in the Bliki idea, and the irresistible draw. Perhaps the temporal nature of blogs is more important than I was willing to give it credit for back in 2003. 😊

Other links that might be relevant:

I’m not sure how this is going to help, but at least the tech side of this is solved to a large degree. What’s lacking is adoption. I suspect it’s just not useful enough.


new: 2021-01-29 09:25 UTCLionKimbro:

I had an idea to create a CommunityPriorityBoard.

I noticed a couple of things:

  • Whenever I have a clear idea about what I’m doing next, I’m more likely to do it.
  • Whenever I have a clear idea about what I’m doing next, I get to it quicker.
  • When I know it’s important to other people, faster still.
  • A community that has an engaged meta-dynamic, that asks itself what it’s doing and why, is more engaged.

So I thought: “We should have a publicly posted, always up front, asking and reminding us of what’s important.”

I think this space should be super-volatile – changed often, changed by anyone here, and discussed.

I caught myself slipping off, and I thought, “No, what we’re doing presently is too important. I don’t want to fall off.”

We’ve been discussing great ideas. Let’s focus on what those are? Make an OrganizedInquiry, a CommunityProject?, or just a focused topic of discussion?

If we’re a little more deliberate about noticing what’s animating us, it might be a good thing. We’d know this is working, if we contribute more and feel more engaged in MutualInspiration, which – we can feel whether we are or not.

new: 2021-01-29 09:25 UTCLionKimbro:

It strikes me that some of the things we might want to focus on are:

  • SmolNet – do we have project ideas? Specific networks we want to explore and participate in?
  • the aesthetic or principle of SimpleSystems – do we want to formulate a manifesto? What would be critical in it? Who is engaged in this space? What projects exemplify the simple systems approach, explicitly or implicitly? What are the critical dimensions of this thought?
  • AggregatedInformation – would we like to try experiments in aggregated information on this wiki? It seems simple enough to do – we have a nice easily parsable table format, for example, and we could create a SideSystem or code system that aggregates information from the wiki, assembles it in some intelligent way, and writes it back, or uploads a file to the wiki, representing the information assembled?

Having a shared project, whether it’s a software coding project, or an OrganizedInquiry, or anything, makes something that we can show and share, work on, talk about and talk around, and enjoy working on together.

I’m open to other priorities. And I don’t see why we can’t include priorities that only one person is interested in exploring, as long as they’re okay with publishing understanding that others might not be interested in who are immediately here. But even WorkingSideBySide? and ReceivingFeedback? are good things in community spaces, even when people aren’t WorkingTogether.

new: 2021-01-29 11:30 UTCAlex Schroeder: I noticed myself doing something similar, looking at RecentChanges and thinking to myself, “what could I write that I find important and that might interest Lion, too?” Because I absolutely feel MutualInspiration is like a fire that can be kindled or die down, an energy that can be focused or dispersed, squandered.

Making it even more explicit might help. I guess our FrontPage used to be a thing that explained to new visitors what we were interested “now” but it’s hard to maintain (maybe even locked due to spam attempts), and it’s always looking slightly backwards, never forwards, since it can only list existing pages, never MissingPages. It’s the wrong tool.

new: 2021-01-29 09:25 UTCLionKimbro: Yeah! Something that’s forward-looking.

Alex, I’m most interested in – what interests you?

I think I notice that you are really interested in Gemini. What is it about Gemini that really caught your imagination?

Are you into SmolNet concepts?

Now I notice that making things explicit doesn’t necessarily work when the thing is an ember or a spark – the pressure of having to make something explicit can kill enthusiasm. Remembering dreams in the morning, if I try and put it into words too soon, it can squash the dream.

new: 2021-01-29 17:01 UTCTimurIsmagilov:

SmolNet – do we have project ideas?


do we want to formulate a manifesto?

It’s about time. SimpleSystemsManifesto be it.

Having a shared project, whether it’s a software coding project

MycorrhizaWiki accepts pull-requests and lacks developers :-) I expressed some ideas at and there is also

new: 2021-01-29 09:25 UTCLionKimbro:

Mmm, not feeling it yet.. Let’s see…

Maybe we should look at what we’ve already been doing, and see if we can’t identify some fundamental threads in what we’ve already been animated by…

new: 2021-01-29 09:25 UTCLionKimbro:

Or maybe we should take even one step further back?

new: 2021-01-29 11:30 UTCAlex Schroeder: An interesting question. I think Community Wiki only reflects a small part of what I’m interested in and therefore looking at my activity here is misleading. Trying to brainstorm: I like to play role-playing games and I’m interested in mapping programs that generate maps, and programs that allow me to modify maps without being an artist. I’d also like to be an artist. I’d love to be good at ink wash painting. I’d love to play a simple instrument like the recorder. I’m also interested in programs that generate texts to use for play, often driven by random tables because I think the neural networks currently en vogue don’t scale for single person endeavours. As a programmer at the office, I’m interested in why we keep writing software that I can barely understand. What drives this complexity? What drives customer wish-lists? What drives developer fashions? Why is capitalism the root of all evil? As a programmer at home, I’m interested in how I can write programs that are easy for me to come back to in a year, in two years, in five years. How to write programs that attract somebody else to help me out. How to talk about my programs such that other people see what’s great about them, such that they use them, and contribute towards them, but sharing my values regarding complexity and longevity. How to make sure that my works survive me. How social media works: what kinds of messages make people feel good. How to learn – and how to teach others – not to be a ReplyGuy?, not to be SeaLioning?, how to DeColonise? my writing, the intricacies of muting, blocking, archiving and expiry – I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of the idea of RecordKeepers?, see 2017-04-27 Record Keeping, a blog post that I keep linking! And thus, the design of social media, the filter algorithms that make them addictive, that encourage bubble formation, the drift towards stupidity online (NationalSocialism?, ProudBoys?, TeaParty?, InvoluntaryCelibacy?, AntiVaccination?, UrFascism?, and so on)… the link from these things to politics is important for our future and yet another symptom of our inability to deal with systemic problems such as GlobalWarming. I’m writing WikiLinks? for all these political topics not because I want to discuss the actual topics but because I feel I need to better understand them as symptoms of underlying social, political, or even economic issues. And in a way I wonder how we can talk about all these things with our friends, our class mates, our family – our community. Community Wiki.

Anyway, of all of these things, I don’t really see too much on Community Wiki, but this is why I care about Community Wiki. As you can see, I’m actually not all that interested in wikis except as a communication tool that encourages collaboration, mutual ownership. Wiki is praxis. Wiki is – or can be – an illustration of simple software design, of simple user interface design. I also don’t care too much about web other than that it serves as an example of SurveillanceCapitalism?, of CompoundingComplexity?, of RegulatoryCapture? (of the W3C), of MonopolyFormation? (of the browser market), or about Gemini other than that it serves as a counter to all of this. For me, Gemini is praxis. It is the actual doing, the making of a point.

But other than that, there’s also the personal. The love of my life, pictures of flowers, of nature, of hikes… My social media feed @kensanata has plenty of pictures, of tidbits of my personal life, which serves as a grounding, as an opportunity to connect on an emotional level (I hope!), and that is also important. Where does that fit in, in the context of community building?

As you can see from all the above, I have no idea what to say. Is this “taking one step further back?” I’d say I’m not ready to write “the” manifesto. What would it be like, except something obvious like “don’t take your freedom for granted!” or similar. The SmolNet is simply a meme, WordMagic – a word to focus the attention on something I care about, but … I’m not ready to write something like the Agile Manifesto and work on it. A SimpleSystemsManifesto would be a fun page to write, but also quickly forgotten, I fear. I don’t remember any manifestos except for “Workers of the world, unite!”

“People of the world, unite! – Community Wiki” 😃

Anyway, I’m not sure how to move forward from here. Would picking one element and turning it into a writing project be beneficial? Perhaps? At the same time, motivation and enthusiasm is something that cannot be commanded, or even wished for.

So here’s the alternative: I wrote a long StreamOfConsciousness statement about all the things I’m interested in at the moment, and if anything speaks to you, start that page and chances are I’ll weigh in. Or write a similar exposition and allow me and others to find common grounds.

new: 2021-01-29 09:25 UTCLionKimbro:

Thanks, Alex.

Yes, this is indeed “taking one step further back.” It’s exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

HMMmmmm, let’s see…

For myself, I’ve got… …a lot of irons in the fire right now.

  • I’m teaching myself a lot of Japanese, very rapidly. I’m at 788 漢字 on ワニカニ, and reading 日本語 daily.
  • I’m working an amazing contract, where I program in my ADHD way, and the company I’m serving just loves what I’m doing.
  • I’m expanding into the social world of programming, and enjoying that too, though I don’t have any collaborators for the time being, and that’s a little lonely. But I’ve only just started.
  • The StarCommunity is my first and main project. That’s going a little slow at the time, and half of that’s because of my involvement in things online. That said, we’re doing two exciting things at the moment, but it’s exciting to me, I’m not sure it’s exciting to anybody else. It’s definitely all about community, though.
  • I’m missing Susie, and my other lovers, who are away for Covid reasons. Fortunately, Susie comes back mid-February, and I’ll see her after she gets tested.
  • I’ve been having conversations with people on Facebook, mostly centered around my research into the philosophy of MartinLutherKing?. I do think a lot about SocialEpistemology?, but there’s very few people to talk with about it in a real and direct way. I refer to the PassagesOfPerspective map, all the time.

I was hoping that we’d find a SoftwareProject? to work on together, around SimpleSystems ideas or AggregatedInformation, but I don’t see that happening now, and I’m not seeing a center of gravity become strong enough here, so I feel a little sad about that. But it’s not that there aren’t other things that I can work on or do with others.

I think there’s something that can be done, I’m just not clear on what it is right now.

new: 2021-01-29 09:25 UTCLionKimbro:

Another note, about manifestos --

They are often about:

  • energy finding – “What is our motive? Where did we find some energy?”
  • taking a stand on some position – “This is an unpopular place, but we think there’s something here.”
  • rallying sympathetic people

It doesn’t have to be “We’re going to conquer the world.” It can simply be: “This is important,” or even simply: “This is the idea that excites us.”

new: 2021-01-29 17:01 UTCTimurIsmagilov:

Re: SimpleSystemsManifesto. I’m ok if the manifesto ends up forgotten. At least we can figure out what systems are simple and what systems are not. But manifestos are cool.

Here’s what interests me:

  • My technical interests are centered around writing something.
    • I likes wikis because they are good for writing something.
    • I like keyboards because they are good for writing something.
    • I like languages (both human and computer) because they are good for writing something.
      • I speak these languages at different level: Russian (mother tongue), English (B2—C1, I guess), [[Esperanto?]] (I used to be B2), French (A2, I hope). I can also recognize and understand some phrases in Italian, other Romance languages, other Slavic languages, other Auxlangs, Japanese. Well, who doesn’t.
    • Most of stuff I do is either procrastinating or doing stuff that lets me do the stuff that lets me do the stuff that lets me do the stuff…
  • I’m also a blogger of some sort.
    • My Telegram channel is a nice place. See my user page on CW for more links, I guess.
  • I’m also an artist of some sort.
    • I consider programming an art form.
    • I have quite a collection of unfinished novels… I have found 12 listed on CyberRachel.
    • I also want to become a good artist. Currently, I’m not as good as I want to be, but let’s wait a couple years.
  • Consuming content is important!
    • I like Japanese mass culture. I guess you should know that my favorite mangas are Shimeji Simulation and Mushishi. I’m currently obsessed with the first one.
    • My favorite music genres are Hardstyle, Hardcore, Reggae, Denpa. My favorite animals are cats, of course.
    • I used to play MagicTheGathering casually a lot before CoronaVirus? struck.

Here’s what I plan to do during this year:

  • MycorrhizaWiki 1.0 release!
  • Make my sites be generated with my special technique which I’ll describe in details later.
  • Finally create that super-program that lets me not to read Twitter. I’m so tired of it. I haven’t opened the app for two weeks because of how bad it is. But I want the content inside! Therefore, I need a program that will turn Twitter to RSS feeds with special features.
    • A friend of mine said he wants to make the same program. I’ll probably leave it to him.
  • Finish school, I guess. Pass exams, I guess. Enter university, I guess.
  • Make a new keyboard. Some notes here [клавиатуры/чекан] I need to get it done before uni.
  • Understand how normal people function.
    • What do they like? Games? TV?


Happy New Year! 😄🎉

new: 2021-01-01 14:05 UTCTimurIsmagilov: In Russia, presents are given on New Year, not on Christmas. I’ve received two books:

  • Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, gift edition. The book is heavy, the paper is easy to read and flick, the book is colored and is overall quite enjoyable to own (I’m surprised to be delighted by having something). I like it. I’ve already read half of it, quite educating.
  • Babel: Around the World in Twenty Languages. I read Lingo by the same author and remember enjoying it. I expect this one to be as good as Lingo is. Also, I can’t ignore a book that mentions Babel/Babylon with such beautiful cover: jpg

Let’s see what 2021 brings. COVID haven’t really affected me (the fact that I go to school extremely rarely means almost nothing to me in general and the amount I spend with people hasn’t decreased by a huge value, it’s ok).

I don’t do new year resolutions or things like that but I’d like to have 2000 hyphae by the end of year on CyberRachel. I have 1000 for 2020, but it was easier, because half of hyphae are copies of already existing things.

new: 2021-01-02 22:37 UTCLionKimbro:

I look forward to talking here soon! Been busy, but this is very much in my mind, and we just talked a bit about CommunityWiki and the topics here in the Spiritual Quest gathering at StarCommunity this morning. They were asking, “What’s with your recent activity there?”, and I was explaining about how excited I was about the ideas being explored here presently.

Request: Images

new: 2021-01-02 22:37 UTCLionKimbro:

Hey! I have a request!

I was thinking – I use images a LOT.

I mean, a lot A LOT.

When I’m talking in Discord, when I’m talking in Slack, anywhere really – I use images with the same kind of ease and brevity with which I use text.

This all happened because of a wonderful thing in Windows 10, Window-Key Shift-S – which makes it super easy to take a snippet from the desktop, and copy it into the clipboard. So it’s totally normal and natural for me to – Window-Key Shift-S, select something, go back to Discord, and then Ctrl-V. I do this all the time.

I’d like to put images onto CW just as easily.

Which brings me to: “How”?

I can think of a few solutions:

  • external image service – I can use some kind of an external Internet image service. I use that service to upload an image (and perhaps there’s something out there that expedites the upload, so that it’ll upload something from the clipboard buffer, and put it online.) Worries: if that service goes down
  • personal image service – I could jerry-rig something up on my own, but it’s a similar kind of problem – that said, if we’re investigating federated services and the like, this might be something we want to look at, just for the contact with Fediverse decentralisation problems.
  • anonymous image pages on CW – get accustomed to creating page names like “Image20210103no1” (“Image 2020-01-03 #1”) on CommunityWiki, and uploading individual images to it; “just deal with it” – perhaps upload them as minor edits or something
  • import images into CW – perhaps make something in CW that, when it sees a certain kind of image link, (to an external image service), retrieves that image from that link, copies it into a static directory, and then replaces the link to the image with a link to the locally made image
SolutionDetailsIssue #1Issue #2
external image serviceuse some kind of external Internet image serviceservice goes down
personal image servicejerry-rig something up on my ownservice goes down
numbered image pages on CommunityWikii.e., “Image20200103num01”clutters RecentChangestakes a long time
auto-copy external images(a) choose a specific image service (b) only auto-copy images from a specific URL prefix (c) copy into a folder that is served staticallyrequires Alex code stuff for us

Now that I look at this, the import system looks the best to me.

I’m not trying to impose anything; Merely proposing.

The reason I think this’d be cool, is because as we talk about things, it’d be easy to include pictures of the things that we’re talking about. I suspect the vast majority of additions would be screen shots.

new: 2021-01-03 22:17 UTCAlex Schroeder: What would be easy for me to do is to install Paste Files to Upload. I use it on my site. The problem right now is that the extension is geared towards blog posts, so if you paste a picture on a page that’s called “Foo” then you’re getting [[image:Image 1 on Foo|Image 1]] in the text area and the image is uploaded as “Image 1 on Foo” – as a minor edit such as not to clutter RecentChanges. That wouldn’t quite work for meme-like images, or for signature like images that you keep reusing. But it would work for images you upload as illustrations to make points on wiki pages. Screenshots would work nicely, for example.

new: 2021-01-02 22:37 UTCLionKimbro: What sorcery is this?!? That’s amazing!

Oh, it’s JavaScript. Occult powers, blood sacrifices in the night, sinister grus. 😏

Sounds good. 👍 I’m for it. I want to try it.

new: 2021-01-03 22:17 UTCAlex Schroeder: Installed! Currently, the one problem I am aware of, is image size. Oddmuse has an upload limit. Thus, when pasting an image into a text area, it’s sent to the wiki and if the save fails, it’s downsized by 50% on each axis and saved again; this is repeated three or four times, and if it still doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work. And since all of that can take some time, it’s possible that the save worked in the background but the code didn’t get properly notified. Therefore, if pasting an image didn’t work:

  • check whether it worked by visiting RecentChanges and including minor changes, if so, insert the image link by hand
  • check whether the image is very big, if so, shrink it locally and try again

Here’s a screenshot of me, using Emacs to look at Community Wiki with Oddmuse Curl Mode.

Image 1

This worked on the third attempt. Full screen and half screen were too big. If this happens a few more times, we should definitely look at the code again!

The size problem is funny because I usually think websites look extremely tiny on my laptop so the browser is set to 150% at all times (via layout.css.devPixelsPerPx = 1.5 on Firefox). Perhaps this is the reason all screenshots I paste are 150% bigger than they ought to be (more like 130% on each axis to be honest).

new: 2021-01-01 14:05 UTCTimurIsmagilov:

I like that pasting approach! It’s also used on GitHub btw. I think I’ll add it to MycorrhizaWiki one day in some form.

new: 2021-01-02 22:37 UTCLionKimbro:

That’s so cool – I just have to try this right away… Let’s see, what to take a snapshot of..

Image 2

This is a small image from a program I’ve written called MiniCubes. It’s an exploration into SchematicMedium ideas I’ve been working on.

WOW, I can’t believe that worked! That’s amazing!


new: 2020-12-22 12:17 UTCAlex Schroeder: Fiddling with the CSS. If you have any particular changes you’d like to suggest, let me know!

My immediate goals:

  • a bigger font, particularly for platforms where I can’t change it, i.e. Firefox on the iPhone and iPad
  • better mobile experience, particularly when editing pages

new: 2020-12-22 12:17 UTCAlex Schroeder: Don’t increase font size on smaller devices. Allow scrolling of overflow in pre blocks (e.g. GemText). Using a float for the logo and size it down on smaller devices.

new: 2020-12-25 04:28 UTCLionKimbro: I don’t think I have any particular requests, … I do notice though that the CW logo now appears behind the title bar on my desktop Chrome experience. (..?)

new: 2020-12-22 12:17 UTCAlex Schroeder: Good point! Some more small changes.

new: 2020-12-25 04:28 UTCLionKimbro:

That’s odd - notice that – the discussion thread alternating coloration isn’t quite working on Epoch 2020 and elsewhere. Is that something to do with the CSS changes? It’s fine on this page, but not on that page.

new: 2020-12-22 12:17 UTCAlex Schroeder: Yeah, it is odd. Your last message is somehow “included” in Timur’s message, as if his div is never closed. The reason this happened, as it turns out, is that Timur used quotes (> quote) and that triggered a bug. Hopefully that bug is fixed, now.

new: 2020-12-25 04:28 UTCLionKimbro:

Thank you Alex!

2020-07-21 New Gemini Integration

We’re now even better integrated into Gemini! Let’s hope this works out. This wiki is now being served on Gemini Wiki, with all the Oddmuse integration happening in the back via HTTP calls to Oddmuse. The source code for that is available from the main page. Look for the link at the bottom of the list.

Basic editing happens via Titan. The config file linked above does a whole lot of search and replace to turn the old wiki text into gemtext, the Gemini markup that is being served on port 1965. Expect a lot of breakage. Personally, I really like the idea of starting over, with absolutely minimal markup.

I’m expecting that these changes also bring some form of breakage. I think it’s unavoidable. But I’m also ready to move on from Use⁠Mod markup, for example. The wiki we’re using has HTML pages cached, so it’s only when touching old pages that we need to pay attention and rewrite them. And thus, slowly, ever so slowly, the wiki is moving again.

Here’s an example of some of the transitions happening: WikiWords are still linked. If you want to unlink them, you need to use the Unicode character WORD JOINER, U+2060. The alternative would be to lose all the wiki word links. Eventually, I want to get there. But links are trickier than other markup and thus they’re staying. But one day! One day everything is going to be Gemtext plus a few of my favourite wiki link options: text in double square brackets, or URL and text in square brackets… And let’s be honest, here. Almost nobody visits Community Wiki anymore so we might as well take it along for a ride!

I’m happy to have you along on the ride! 😄

– Alex

2020-06-16 Gemini

This wiki is also available via Gemini! 😃

And it can be edited using Titan! 🚀🚀

[pegzmasta]: Testing. This is very interesting! Editing a wiki - straight from Emacs, without using a modern web browser. Very curious to see how Geminispace will evolve from here.


I’ve moved the wiki to a new web server. The machine is the same but instead of Apache calling the CGI script to answer requests, it passes them to a Mojolicious server which loads the script just once. I need to to add a gazillion redirects, I think.


I’ve moved the site to https using Let’s Encrypt. Let me know if there are any problems.

I disabled text formatting rules involving emoji between colons like :this: because these relied on images loaded from; and I disabled the rule that would link stuff like :kensanata@twitter: – I don’t think we ever used it.




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