An AttentionFutures market for blogs. The value of shares are tied to the number of incoming hyperlinks of the underlying blog.



Does CommunityWiki ever ping and/or I think we should; not automatically whenever a change is made (since there are so many changes), but only upon the command of a user. In fact, third-parties offer forms that allow you to do this for any site (for instance [this one]), so we don't even need to add any local software. I don't want to add us myself without the community's permission, though.

Anyhow, after we're listed on, we'll be traded on BlogShares :)


Oddmuse itself has a module to do this for all major edits, and I used it for my personal homepage. Waiting for the ping took a long time, however, and so I stopped it. Do you really think we should do this? If we don't have an automatic rule, what guidelines would you propose?


> Should we do this?

If the ping takes a long time, then I don't think we should do it automatically. But manually might still be a good idea. I don't feel strongly either way. I don't know what guidelines would be good. How about, just whenever someone feels like alerting the world to some page?


In that case, I agree. ;) Is there something I can do to help you do it? For example a link on the edit page that automatically links to a certain URL and has the URL to the page changed somewhere?


If you want; it's a low-priority feature, I guess. I was mainly asking to make sure that no one would mind if I (or other people) pinged them and thereby got us listed. Hmm, incidentally, it would be a nice feature to let the community edit the "edit page" template, or indeed to edit all templates. There would have to be "backups", of course. Well, that's a low-priority feature too, don't worry about it.


BlogShares also offers trading in "ideas", "bonds", and "artefacts", but I can't find documentation on those parts (the Help page is currently broken), so I don't know what they are. Anyone want to enlighten me?

See also AttentionFutures, MarketBasedAttentionAllocation.



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