A wiki about blogs:

“as far as I know the only wiki devoted to blogs and blogging.”
[fr]“à la limite de ce que je connais, le seul wiki entièrement dédié aux blogs, carnet web et blogging.”

(as opposed to a blog about wiki: )

That was months ago. As of 2006-09-30, there are a dozen wiki about blogs.


(Does this need to go on the InterMap ? Perhaps even the WikiNode ?
[fr](Est-ce qu’on doit le faire aller sur l’InterCarte ? Peut-être même le WikiNoeud ?


Bonjour David.

Good idea. But I still love the idea to imagine building here a multilingual PageCluster dedicated to any BlogWiki discussion as I discovered recently about wiki. Some reprentative of the french wikiblogosphere as StephaneGigandet (ViaBloga?) and FrançoisGranger? (ex RacineCarnet) 1 could talk here. And we could also imagine a WikiNoeud with this wikisite called “fg”. That’s not to say, we still have a problem in the francophone area about the future of WikiBlog : BeaucoupTropDeMoteursDeBlog and PasAssezDeMoteursDeWikiBlog. So would you mind installing here some french page which could be interconnected with this above wiki you mentioned. We could also connect that with any french TrainDesIdées still in discussion. Maybe one day the LocalNames project ? Still thinking.

Yes, please keep discussing various ways of combining blog and wiki. Cross-link all of them to each other using the WikiNode system. If some are especially relevant to CommunityWiki, post the link here.

“When Blog Meets Wiki” on the “Blogs And Wikis wiki”.

(Another markup to learn…) I just got a reference to this page by luck.

CarnetWeb is slowly but regularly updated.

I am lauching another related project MarkupToMarkup. Update, it is available for testing MarkupToMarkup.

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1. François had developed RacineCarnet on a similar idea last year in french [1]. All his contents have now migrated here on his new wiki :-) → AppelWiki? pour François : viendrais-tu ici nous présenter “fg” ?

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