This page - from the vary start is about this theory. I am not ususally a writer. I have been following wiki for many years now, but I tend to write, not so often. At some point I throw all pride out the door and just write down stuff that I have been thinking.

Not only am I not a writer, I am not a programmer either. So often I think up some cool way to do things, without knowing that the technology just isn’t there yet, something I think a lot of people do. But even so, I think things should just get started, no matter that it is hard work, just get the frackin thing started. SwitchWiki is an example of that, and now, through collaboration the next step in its evolution is WikiIndex.

If you don’t know how to do the thing it is you want to do, do what you can in that direction, even without the proper tools. If you think you have a good idea, go for it. Hopefully you can link up to a like minded group.

The action is important to thinking about the theory, no matter skill level. The accessability of wiki is intriguing to me.

Praxis = theory + action

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