BobLetcher's first post to CommunityWiki 10/11/07

bob letcher here. i have no digital images of myself. hi to all. this is my first attempt to post, and i’m not sure as i write whether i’ll actually succeed a posting. so, i’ll be brief--but perhaps a bit provocative as well.

i am seriously not knowledgeable in the working of computer systems, but i hope my knowledge of human systems can compensate.

i appreciate your effort to maintain flexibility, as i have recently been made aware of some shortcomings of systems structured too much, too soon. Nonetheless, i think you will eventually need to tighten your scope for several reasons, especialy in keeping with the Chinese proverb to the effect: a river without any banks ceases to flow (and so, ceases to be a river).

at this stage, it may be sufficient to possible/sufficient to narrow scope by developing a self-referential scope statement. To illustrate, one possibility might be (given the emphasis i’ve read on developing a wiki without a purpose): we support projects whose purposes our approach to wiki design facilitates?


BobLetcher, welcome! I made this page here for you. It is your NamePage, which you can link to on any page in CommunityWiki by typing BobLetcher in CamelCase.

Also, all other pages (for the most part) may be automatically linked to just by typing their name in CamelCase, <- just like that.

And, just so you know, hwen you fill in your “username” in the little form space below, when editing pages, you use

CamelCase, like BobLetcher. This will then auto-link your posts on any page in RecentChanges.

I think you’ll like it here, and hopefully there can be much mutual learning! :)

Welcome, BobLetcher!

I’m happy to see you here. :)

We actually do have narrower scopes, river banks.

For example, you can look at CategoryReasoning, and other categories in the SiteMap.

On a few occasions, we have paid attention to particular projects: PrioritizingOpenSourceProjectInvolvement, CommunityWikiProgrammingProjectPriorities.

Many of us are involved in the production of wiki conferences, which have been successful.

AlexSchroeder, of course, maintains the very successful OddMuse software, developing often in response to needs and theories discovered here. LocalNames is one such effort. It is still in process, but I think it is going well.

Some projects have “gone places,” others have not, still others live in continuity, spreading by word of mouth. The WikiNodes concept, in particular, has gone very far.

We do not see ourselves as an activist team, working for some specific end. We ThinkTalkAct. My practice, often times, is to identify motions, “Which way does the human-technical system of the world want to go? How can it go there?” I can only do this by being involved in those systems. This in turn influences my direction, and what I do next. Others here do different things, in different ways. Somehow, our efforts end up overlapping, connecting, working together. In the process, we learn a lot that is of value to people, and we are consulted. “Is this possible?” “No, I’m afraid it’s not... …but you might be able to do this, and we can help you with that, if you like.”

All this said, there are lots of wiki out there that are being used by focused teams working on specific things. (I think most of us have worked on them, at one time or another.)

For instance, (just picking one,) the Battle for Wesnoth wiki, where a bunch of people are making a game (BattleForWesnoth) together.

Further still, …

…I welcome this conversation and challenge. We either gain definition and language (TheoryBuilding,) or we are transformed, or we transform, in process (TheLawOfTwoFeet.)

BobLetcher here. Sam aand Lion--thanks for helping me along.

Hi, Bob. Welcome in the community-wiki. Give it a little time to bloom.


Welcome to the Community Wiki!

BobLetcher here. Hi Mattis, and hi to all the rest of you. for those of you who don’t know, i am basically a computer illiterate (even though i used to work as a FORTRAN programmer, and even did analysis and testing of breeder reactors back in early 1970s). i hope that hope that chuckles i might bring you won’t lead you to think less of the skills of the people who brought me here.

i am a it unclear on what to do next. but one thing we mighht consider doing in the near future is for those of us who had been working on the project that i was just working on--to help us learn from it. what can we learn? we might even share it back with that earlier group.

or maybe this is a situation where i am just “looking for [convversation} in all the wrong places!

I have one advice on what do do next: do whatever you need to do! Be bold. Don’t et discouraged – you can not possibly break anything – every single version of every page is saved, and every change is reviewed by many people – breaking anything is not a possibility. So, when you can’t really break anything, feel free to experiment and do whatever you think might be useful.

I’m really happy you are here, because we really lack computer illiterates – somehow they become computer literates in no time, and we have nobody to test on ;)

Bob, I decided to go with the new wiki, because a lot of the DavidKorten team is enthusiastic about it, even though David himself is not. :)

I invite you to post both here, (as you like,) and on the new wiki. Take care!


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