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I am a CommunityWiki visitor and am working to fit into the community. I appreciate what Alex has done with OddMuse to make setting up and running a wiki more accessible to normal folks. I’m enjoying perusing the brainstorming and looking forward to helping implement some of the ideas. My passion is currently focused on making wiki easier for my mom to grok and to use.



It’s so good to see you back here again!

I was planning to be more active here again … then my DSL went down and I’ve been without for two weeks. Now I’m back online and hope to play here more :-)

Speaking of Todo lists, have you heard of the 43 folders wiki ? Many of the people there use the term “next action” (rather than TodoNext).

I wish someone had told me about that wiki a long time ago.

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Oh, 43 folders, I don’t hang out in the wiki much, but as any self-respecting GettingThingsDone -cultist, I read the blog.

(Oh and yeah, I have a Todolist / next action list on a wiki on my office computer)

(I realize we are merging off-topic here 😝)

I’m having a good ol’ time perusing 43 Folders. Thanks for the recommend David.

You are welcome.

I like the project map at . Perhaps I should make one for my projects, even though my projects seem less coordinated.

Is this a good place to comment on that map?

How could I help you on these 2 projects?:

  • load-balanced decentralized PeerToPeer network
    • I want to build a fault-tolerant wiki ( WikiFeatures:FailSafeWiki ). I suspect the only way to do that is to build a DecentralizedWiki ( DistributingWiki ? ). If already existed, it would make building such a wiki much simpler. Does it make any sense to build a decentralized wiki first, before implementing any of the other wonderful features people imagine such a network includes? (A wiki doesn’t need anonymity, or encryption, or protection against people editing files, or digital signatures, or …). Would it make any sense to implement the remaining features “on top of” a distributed wiki, or is that a Wiki:AbstractionInversion ?
  • PowerfulInput?
    • I want to build a wiki that allows people to collaborate on SVG graphics (Visual:VisuallyOrientedWiki?).
    • My understanding is that most of the complicated-looking equations you see in textbooks and research papers are typed in by people using “TeX?” markup. MediaWiki and Noosphere (any other WikiEngine(s) yet?) renders TeX? markup in the customary pretty equations.

Other people have already partially developed a few of the ideas on that map:

(I suspect my comment should really go over on – feel free to move this note there.)


David’s comment makes me think that Brandon and I have been remiss in letting you know about our new company: BeyondYes. We’re moving forward with ConsensusPolling ideas and it’s descendants. We’ve just begun a project with ICANNWiki and are looking for more clients!


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