[eo] Mi parolas la anglan lingvon kaj iom da Esperanto. Ĉu parolas vi ĝin?



i give thee a hearty welcome

(Mattis agrees - here to save “welcome space”. Hi BT.)

heya, BT! welcome!

Hi BT! Awesome pic! I’m not sure if the moderators will like it, but I think it’s cool. ;)

Yes its cool. Seems a bearded cat to me or something. They are small our pics. That’s good, as we are not the Louvre. I like to see a bigger one on top of the persons homepage.

Linked "the Louvre," because I didn’t know what it meant. Hope I didn’t get it wrong.

hello bpt! i think i met you on IRC recently? it’s nice to see what you look like, ;)

I still think it would be cool to play around with several fotos for each user here. You choose the one you feel like. I’d want one like BT’s too (according to me he’s waearing a mask on it, Heather) as number 7 maybe. But that’s a completely personal decision. ParaLanguage. Use what we have, try to get more of it. Learn.

Thanks, BT- I appreciate the de-spamming..! :)



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