Bunny is dead




happy Easer, bunny.

poverino! (the little poor one!)

touched their eggs, the dumbass.

poverino lo stesso. Schiacciato sulla strada da un branco di galline! (Poor fellow nevertheless. Squashed on the street by a flock of hens!)

they told him last year already. But he wouldn't listen.

forse era sordo! (Maybe he was deaf?)

no lo posso imaginare, arda che orechi grande che ha (can't imagine so, look what big ears he has)

ma hai ragione, forse. (but you're right, maybe.)

poverino, voleva solo qualche uovo! (the poor fellow just wanted some eggs!)

we have to re-roll-up the case. Next easter, I guess. Maybe bunny strikes back.

but he's dead…

k, he's dead.

looks like a photomontage btw.

but dead he is, true.

si, prima l'hanno schiacciato con la macchina e poi hanno lasciato libere le galline (yes, first they squashed him with a car and then they let the hens run free)

pretty likely he never had anything to do with eggs. Bunnys usually don't care about eggs.

only at Easter

A skype chat conversation I had with eva was the base for this. It would have been nice if we could have rightaway reworked our conversation together on moon-edit. We also tried and met on it when I remebered that one can't paste text into moon-edit pages. Insides the programm paste works. Outwards only copy works. So I did it alone. Wiki's slow but it works at least ;)