glad you are interested in checking this out more. So now that you have put capatilized words together (thus CapitalizedWordsTogether) you can get and idea about the posibility of that function on a website. By having the power of editing content available in a non-hierartichal mode, meaning there isn’t one single person responsible for the upkeep of this website, rather it is availabe to anyone who has the interest and wants to jump right in. This idea to some is crazy! I cna edit this website that easy! I can mess it up. Why would anyone want to add content to a site that can so easily be erased or changed? Because the website is so easy to edit, the CommunityUpkeep? (SoftSecurity) prevents vandals or evil doers from having a negative impact on the website.

Category…… (WikiNode, TourBusStop)


As a person who is adding content to the website or maintaing valid versions of each

We finish this introductory paragraph with the next link in a BreadCrumb? trail to “lure” people in to wiki. That is how I got involved with wiki, just BreadCrumb?’ed my way in and got lost in the roots and strength of this type of communication.

What would the “story of wiki” look like. I figure we want to touch on this issues for newbies, and create stories about how to think of this technology:



LocalLink InternetLink?

You may by now be interested in how do change this website using the EasyEdit? feature.

This change is a MinorEdit.


“Please make sure you contribute only your own work, unless you fully understand the copyright implications of submitting someone else’s work. By contributing here, you grant CommunityWiki permission to publish your work under the terms of the CommunityWikiLicense.

Empty lines separate paragraphs. Paragraphs may span several lines. Asterixes (’*’) introduce list items. One list item per line. Plain URLs get hyperlinked. Words in camel case (mixed case) are transformed into local links. Indent source code with four spaces. If the first line contains nothing but a local link, then the page will belong to that Cluster.

Please UseRealNames when contributing. See DenotingAuthor for more info about the faces of contributors you see on some pages.”






etc… etc..

Then there is an advanced BreadCrumb? “tour” of advanced ideas of wiki, wiki origin



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