In LiquidDemocracy, you can delegate your votes in a particular category.

For example, you could say, “For questions of the environment, I delegate my vote to Foo.” And you could say, “For budgeting issues, I delegate my vote to Bar.”

But there’s a problem with this: What if you have a vote that seems to belong to both environment and budgeting?

One possible solution is to let people subscribe to a “categorization service.” The categorization service would (likely) be a group of people who look at votes as they come up, and divide them into categories for you.

There would likely be several categorization services. Some might be run by individuals. Wome might be run by volunteer organizations. Some might be run by special organizations dedicated to particular fields. These services could work together at times, conflict at others.

You would not be forced to use one categorization service vs. another. Indeed, if you wanted, you can handle every vote entirely on your own.

The basic rules are:

Note that, without extending the rules:

You just use a computer to handle the details of linking categories to vote number.


Say question #3333 is “Should we spend $3 billion on a new space telescope ?”.

You all seem to be saying that there are many “categorization services”, some of which categorize that question as “government spending”, others say it is a “space program”.

Say I pick Meg to handle all my “government spending” decisions, and Sally to handle all my “space program” decisions.

If Meg and Sally agree, then it doesn’t matter if #3333 is classified as “government spending” or “space program”.

So, do I need to pick a “categorization service” as well to handle which one of them gets to manage my vote ?

No. If the results of the vote are identical, then it makes no difference how you pick your categorization service.

The categorization service exists for when there is a conflict. Which I imagine would be pretty common.

If any issue became very important, I imagine people would rather just vote on it themselves, than delegate the vote for that number, regardless of what categorization services said.

Should we change the DocumentMode text to reflect this discussion?

yes. you should always change the document when the discussion clarifies something that’s unclear in the text. (wow, i have a hard time writing something this definite; i rarely use “should”. but i actually really do feel this definite about it – i generally think there isn’t enough reworking done after discussions.)

If you were doing this in a context like an existing government, i think the best rule would be based on an existing jurisdictional system with an existing dispute resolution system, such as committee jurisdiction. Things that have serial or concurrent committee jurisdiction would let you delegate each vote seperately (allbeit at some likely cost in coherency of representation


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