This category is for pages about communication forms, media, and how we interact with them.



media, society, huge scale thinking:

study of mediums:


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There’s a confusion in here, and it’s over whether it’s “Media” as in “the media,” “spin alley,” “newspaper media,” or if it’s “Media” as in “crayons,” “glue and scissors,” “wiki,” “blogs,” “the canvas.”

The confusion is okay right now, because there’s so few articles in the “spin alley” camp. That said, it’s something we may want to keep an eye on, for the future.

In the future, we may want to have:

  • CategoryMedia?: For “the media,” “spin alley,” “newspaper media,” “media and politics,” “mass media reporting,” etc., etc.,.
  • CategoryUserInterface: For discussion mainly about using glue, scissors, crayons, blogs, wiki, the blank canvas, MediumAttributes, etc., etc.,.

This category was originally conceived (CategoryDiscussion) to include technical information, but we have very very few pages of that sort.


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