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I've been looking for this category for a while now; I'm excited to have found it! We have a major piece in our map, now, that has been missing for a while. :)

I can sense that we may split off HiveMind, HiveMindTheory, FracturedDemocracyBuilding, etc., into their own "CategoryOnlineOrganizing?" one day. But I think for now, since there are so few pages, it may be good to bundle them up here. (BigBucketsFirst.)

I've pulled in information-overload concepts from CategoryInformationManagement, because they are primarily about the management of live feeds of data. That is, they are about the management of real-time message based communications, not the management of static documents. (DocumentsVsMessages)

InformationOverload & co. may well go into their own category, though: CategoryInformationOverload?.

We'd hook it up with CategoryRatingSystem and CategoryCommunicationManagement and CategorySyndication.

We should perhaps also push out CategoryInternetOrganizing?, since InterCommunityCooperation is bursting with ideas which will probably have their own pages soon.


Define external redirect: CategoryInformationOverload CategoryInternetOrganizing CategoryOnlineOrganizing