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Effects of Discussion

Number of Participants

You might be interested in CategoryRatingSystem for more about large scale information problems.

Meta Discussion



to sort


This category is pregnant.

We need to cut it open.

  • On-Line Discussion Technique → CategoryOnlineDiscussion
  • PlainTalk stuff → CategoryPlainTalk?
  • Modality → ??? (OnlineDiscussion?, by the looks of it.)
  • HeardItAllBefore → ??? Perhaps a section on… I don’t know the name for this idea, but: There are short mini-arguments that have a standard form, and that WikiZens? tend to build up LinkLanguage for. A collection of these pages would have a distinct category.

And what of PropositionNet and TypedThreadedDiscussion?

“This category is pregnant.
We need to cut it open.”

Ugh. Talk about a bad combination of metaphors ^-^


You know, like- Greek Gods and stuff? Always slicing pregnant ladies, and worlds popping out and stuff? Hell, Athena came out of Zeus’ head, and he seemed to be okay afterwards.

So, if he’s doing fine, I think CategoryDiscussion will be okay, too. 😊

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