This category is about how to organize and manage information. It is similar to what is often called “InformationArchitecture”. Subcategories include CategoryInformationRetrieval, and CategoryHypertextNavigation?.



What should probably go elsewhere:


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Here are pages listed here, but I’m not so sure that they should be.

There are several ideas about organizing ideas in wiki:

I’m putting ProductiveWikiOverlap in the newly formed WikiProcess. This is a temporary home, until we find a better one, for the pages about organizing information in wiki.

TooFewWiki, on the other hand, is a CategoryWikiAgenda page. If you read it, you see it’s mostly about how we need more wiki. It is connected to the idea of organizing across wiki. However, it is not primarily about that; it is enough to link to TooFewWiki from pages about organizing content within and between wiki. (And vice versa.)

This page is basically one of those pregnant big buckets.

Whenever we have an idea that has to do with arranging stuff, it is labelled: “CategoryInformationManagement.”

The trick is, once it’s here, figuring out where it goes next.

SharedAwarenessSystem.” CategorySyndication? No, it’s pretty focused in it’s own little world of wiki RecentChanges and RSS feeds.

We’re talking with SharedAwarenessSystem about a piece that you put in a world of interacting actors, such that everyone is aware of more or less the same things. It’s more as if we’re arranging components within a machine, rather than deciding on a system or machine for arranging documents. Arranging components vs. Arranging documents are similar, because they’re both about arranging, but they are different.

One thing that strikes me is that this page should be about the proper arrangmenet of documents. That is, that it should focus on the document end of DocumentsVsMessages.

That then makes it pretty clear that SharedAwarenessSystem belongs somewhere else. It seems to me to have to do with intentionally arranging communications pathways between people, and so it has more in common with HiveMind pages than anything else I can think of.


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