This category discusses link types, linking strategies, and graph theory as it applies to hypertext, transforming graphs back into hierarchies (eg. for a table-of-contents in a book).

Types of Links

LocalLink are links to pages on the same wiki.

InterLink denotes links to pages on other wiki, via the InterMap.

NearLink are links that look like LocalLinks, but link into other wiki via the NearMap.

Local Names

LocalNames is a strategy for having wiki-like linking, to & from every medium.

NamespaceHopping is a way of getting from namespace to namespace, in LocalNames.

CommunityLocalNames is our experimental use of some LocalNames ideas here on CommunityWiki.

OddmuseLocalNames presently holds an idea about making OddMuse do LocalNames differently.

Miscellaneous Linking

BackLinks works backwards, to tell you, “What points to this page?”

RemoteLink discusses UserInterface questions when pointing to remote websites.

StableLink discusses problems with URI’s changing, and how wiki should address the challenge.

clean linking is a way to make links look alike wikilandia-wide.

RenamedLink is a response to CleanLinking.

For more about local, near, far, and remote links, see WikiNameSpace and related CategoryNameSpace pages. For more about “seamless integration” of multiple wikis, see InterWiki.


ForwardIndex describes a menu of pages reachable from the current page.

AutomaticForwardIndex describes what metadata is required to create it automatically

SiteNavigation refers to the method of providing structure, meaningful navigation

See Also

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