This category discusses reworking.

Analysis of reworking

ReworkingEconomy notes that reworking costs time, and is thus on an economy.

LackOfReworking is a deep analysis of, “Why doesn’t reworking happen more often?” It includes a study into all theories collected on WardsWiki (Wiki:WhyNotEnoughEditingHappens,) MeatballWiki (MeatballWiki:ReworkingProblems,) and CommunityWiki (CommunityWiki:LackOfReworking,) into why reworking does not happen.

OrganicStructures is about tools that facilitate the transition from unstructured to structured text.

StructureOfWikis is about the ways structure is introduced in wikis and how the reworking paradigm might be inadequate.

Who reworks?

PageMaintainer delegates reworking to a committed page maintainer. (Part of the PageMaintainerSeries.)

BeginnersReworking recommends that beginners to a wiki get involved in reworking basic pages that are essential to the wiki, because they are the most qualified to do so.

PublicRefineryProcess is an old idea about how people (the public) could use many wiki of different types, over time, to refine ideas.

Approaches to reworking

ReworkLazily advocates reworking only after there’s proven value in a page.

TechnicalSupportForReworking suggests computer tools that could be used to support reworking.

FiveMinuteImprovement suggests adding an edit here, an edit there, whenever you have spent some time digesting a page. Over time, the pages used more should become significantly easier to read.

AttackTheDocumentMode suggests periodically tossing all ThreadMode, so that there is incentive to put content into the DocumentMode.

SummaryBlock suggests placing introductions or summaries in texts, so that you can quickly reactivate the meaning, without reading the whole text, thus aiding reworking. A BulletSummaryBlock may be more easily identifiable.

Reworking on CommunityWiki

ReworkIcon is an icon we use to represent that reworking has taken place, and where to find the output of that reworking.

CommunityWikiPageLayout is our preferred page layout.

Related but different

ReportingForOutsiders is about summarizing activity for outsiders, on a blog.

KnowledgeFromDebate is about refining knowledge out from a debate online.

ConnectionPoint envisions making reworkable points on all media, such as mailing list posts.

See Also

This is just CommunityWiki.

There is a rich legacy on reworking in MeatballWiki and WardsWiki as well.


I believe this is all of it..! Any more?

AreGroupsReal presently has information on the bottom, about the FiveMinuteImprovement, that has taken on a life of it’s own, and could be split out.


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