Click on the header to search for all pages in this category if you cannot find the page you are looking for in the list below. This category is for pages discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the wiki medium, often in comparison to other mediums.


I’ve noticed that almost all pages that are “CategoryWhyWiki” are also categorized as “CategoryIntroductionToWiki.”

To make this a little simpler, I intend to link the two category pages, and then list pages in one or the other. If the page is almost entirely about introduction to wiki, I’ll put it in the one. If it’s almost entirely about reasons for or against wiki, I’ll put it in the other. And if it’s genuinely both, and I can’t really think of a single case, I’ll double-list it.

If a page is argued to be in CategoryIntroductionToWiki because it’s about why you would want to use it in the first place, I think it should really just be CategoryWhyWiki. And we’ll just prominantly encourage people to click CategoryWhyWiki, and we’ll liberally drop links into CategoryWhyWiki pages as we can chance upon it in the intro pages.

If I shouldn’t do this, just warn me before I go at it, and we can talk about it. :)

Seems to me they are different topics. Sure, newcomers might want to know a little bit about why and when wiki is or is not good, but I expect that old-timers will sometimes have discussions about it at greater length than a newcomer would want to read through.

If the categories currently overlap, I think that is only a temporary phenomenon.