This category is for pages that describe changes on a wiki, changes in wiki usage patterns, and all the time related observations we make. Often these effects are caused by wiki features (such as the RecentChanges page).





I noticed that this page is listed for "general properties of wikis" – that can't be true unless all properties are dynamic, ie. changing.

I don't understand. ..?

That is: How is it the case, that "general properties of wikis" can't be true unless all properties are dynamic?

I think he means that: Wiki can have general properties, but they aren't dynamical properties unless they involve change, and hence I guess they don't belong in this category.

Ah- heh. ;) Duh. I didn't see it.

We should: Change the name to CategoryWikiProperties?, then. ;)

Nice pic, Bayle. :) As for the name of the category: I like it. I'm not sure we need to do anything except change the description of this category on two or three other pages. Why? I don't think we need a category for static properties of wikis. Either because they are boring, or because they don't exist (hah!), or because we have better categories for them. Here's an example: Some wikis have the property "the pagename is a link name". For these wikis, this is an unchanging property. Where would we put it? We would not put it in the wiki dynamics category because a. it is not dynamic, and b. we have a category devoted to linking.

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