One challenge for EvolutionarySpirituality is the problem of emotive expression.


  1. It was Evil when the Nazi’s exterminated Jews.
  2. The SourceOfEthics is people’s wants. When the Nazi’s exterminated Jews, it was bad, because that’s not what people wanted.

In the first, number 1, we feel passionate anger, and immense revulsion. It was a wicked, horrendous thing, and I tremble even to bring the subject up.

In the second, number 2, we are talking about what some people wanted, and some other people didn’t want. “Man, that’s not a very nice thing to want, but, I suppose that’s just what I want.”

I suppose we could continue: “I don’t want that so much, that, damn, I’d kill some of those guys!”


  1. The Lord of the Rings
  2. A Philosophical Debate

One is emotively expressive, and draws on the themes of Eternal Good & Evil, the other is not.

In fact, our emotions are so overpowering, that we are disinclined to believe in anything that denies the reality of an independent Good & Evil! (A theme that I want to explore more in “the ChasmOfDeath.”)

It seems that, In order to truely hate a thing, we must:

  1. Get together, and go, “Wow, we really hate that!”
  2. “In fact, we hate it so much, that we’re going to manifest a God to hate it for us.
  3. “God, hate that, God!”
  4. “Now that God hates it, we can hate it, too! And kill for it! – The safety switch is firmly in the off position. But our personal wrath is only a portion of the wrath, felt by God.”
  5. Go! Launch fighters!

(Note that I am not distinguishing between God, Gods, metaphysical spirits, and so on.)

To not think that those Gods or spirits or what have you- to not think that they exist, almost consequences that you do not feel.

That is, there appears to be an interdependence between strong feeling, and assuming the existence of a God or Gods, and furthermore, that link seems to be bi-directional.

I do not believe that this is a necessary state of things, and am interested in exploring alternatives. I see some of the answers in EvolutionarySpirituality.

Perhaps this (and maybe also ChasmOfDeath, when I write it,) will help piece together what I mean by “EvolutionarySpirituality,” and what this is about.

It was an extremely foreign and alien idea to me, when I came across it, near the beginning of this idea, and I’m still, here, a year later, piecing it together.