See also MeatBall:ChangeAggregator.

A ChangeAggregator takes lists of Changes and new items from various websites and combines them into one big list.

This lets you keep track of things from various websites without visiting them all.

See also UnifiedRecentChanges, which is the specialization of this concept to wikis.


Specific aggregators

ModWiki patch for Sage

Hey Alex, thanks alot for the ModWiki patch for Sage! i just installed Sage, and the I noticed it didn't support ModWiki. I briefly considered writing a patch myself (although I probably wouldn't have), and I visit the Sage mailing list to check the archives for advice – instead finding your Sep 3 patch! Btw can I get a copy of your sage-alternative.css file?

For others: Sage is a great mozilla-based UpdateCollector (umm, that's my weird lingo for "aggregator"). Try it out!! Since the Sage maintainers haven't yet merged in Alex's ModWiki patch, you can get a patched version of Sage here: (download that file, then open it locally with mozilla; it should then try to install; I'm using mozilla-firefox 0.9.3).

(p.s. Alex, the above patched version also shows the History links, rather than just the diff links)

Very cool. I installed your version, now. :)

The alternate style sheet is just for experimentation and is not usable.

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