Use a whiteboard for the wiki, maybe a PersonalLogServer for the channel, where all members note what they're currently doing, if you're collaborating on some particular topic. Usually the RSS feeds of your blogs are to distracting for this particular purpose.

A command line utility could help, here. It would have to able to deal with various wiki engines. Here is how it would work:

    $ cat foo | wikiput
    $ wikiappend "foo bar baz"


Dealing With Confusion: Keeping a List of Open Issues

Use meta-talk: List the open issues -- "what is on the table?" Then talk about one subject only and put all other things on hold. If discussions are long and winding, put things on hold on the channel whiteboard (see above).

Instantaneous Whiteboard

You have a "page", associated with the IRC channel, that everybody can edit. This page is not a wiki page, nor is a channel topic string. Rather, edits to the page are made and observed in real time. That is, if someone is typing "Discussion Topics," you see the letters (more or less) appear one by one, in the right place. This the editor [SubEthaEdit] allows this; a similar effect is possible by using Emacs to display a frame on a remote X display but showing the same buffer.

Two major uses would be:

When someone thinks up something to talk about, they don't have to interrupt the talking group. They can just tack their item onto the list of things to (possibly) talk about.

When it arises in discussion, "Okay, so-and-so will do such-and-such," you can put a not of it in a to-do list.

Really, there's no end to things you could put on it.

It would be even more incredible if you could draw on it.

At the end of the discussion, you'd like a way to ship the resulting "page" off to a wiki - have it automatically recorded for you.

Collaborative Drawing

For the graphically minded, there's NetDraw [1] which allows you to collectively draw on the same whiteboard (Java), needs one server and several clients, works on TCP port 1333.


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