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I currently use OddMuse as a sort of ThinkingSpace? and BrainDump?. Much of the content was harvested from previous incarnations of my WebLog, email messages I liked, documentation I’ve written, essential configuration files (Eg: Mutt!). I also use it as a sort of DocumentManagement? system.

Ideas on Wiki Use

  1. I frequently “Cache” interesting content in a semi-private NameSpace. I’ve found over the years that plenty of great content dies out on the web, and without extensive GooGling?, it can be hard to recover those ideas/articles. I think of it as the equivalent of keeping a digital NewsClipping? or ScrapBook? around. The end result of course is a bunch of content I’ve written myself, which in turn often references additional material which may or may not exist elsewhere (anymore). A horrible example is the tons of NyTimes? articles I have archived. Yes it’s probably questionable to put ANY of that content online, but it’s become an invaluable personal resource. I’ve removed much of the cached content from the public side of my WikiLog. When I figure out all the legal implications I might re-add it.
  2. I use my WikiLog as a way to FeedTheWiki?. Basicly, by making heavy use of CamelCase and by Copy/pasting content gleaned during more traditional blogging activities, the Wiki side slowly grows. While it’s a little cumbersome, It’s nice to (for example) follow a news story by blogging as I normally would, but also append the same info into a WikiNode that contains a summary of all activity for that Subject. In this way, I get the linear advantages of a wiki (which other people expect), and the depth of a Wiki. (I hope I explained that correctly).
  3. I’ve been playing with a personal Taxnomomy system for my WikiLog. It’s nice to create backlinks to a hiearchy of categories. I dont know how this would work out on a more team-oriented wiki, but for a WikiLog, it’s a neat alternative way of looking at content.

I guess you could say I love the technology for personal reasons, and not necessarily because of the team/CoMmunity? aspects. But maybe that’s just because I’ve kept my own WebSpace? offline for so long.

Moin, Charles, welcome on community-wiki. Post your wiki’s url when it’s up again.

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