I'm CharleyQuinton also known as "tractor" on FreenodeIRC and Quinobi on WikiPedia.

Key interests: HowRelatedProjectsFindEachOther, InterCommunityCooperation and especially OpenSource MusicProduction? via the CreativeCommons.

Hi Charley, welcome. It's quite simple. If you have no portrait or do not want it to show up start a contribution with [new:]. That alternatingly shifts the background color for your new contribution. If you have a portrait use [new:], but make two colons instead of one, ::. That will show your portrait and a popup timestamp and will make the background color change. How to insert your foto here?. Take your time, rome-wiki wasn't built in a day either.

[fr]Bonjour Charley et bienvenue. [en] Do you plan to go to WikiMania? next August.


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