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Xtof, what do you say we move our whole conversation (about wiki software, structure, reputation systems, etc) to the BarCampBank page on the BarCamp wiki? I’ll start moving it over there today.

Also, please let me know how you want to communicate tomorrow. I don’t have the ability to do video conferencing (no camera). But, I should be able to join any voice conference.

Hi Sam, a) good idea to move, I could help later after work b) about our WikiTing-VideoBridge today. I just made a first request to LoiezDeniel? which could open us a [CraoWiki:FlashMeeting? flash-meeting] session tonight at 23:00 CET. Is it ok for you ? If not please leave a message in english on BarCampBankFlashMeeting1. Thanks and invite your friends. May I suggest you to complete the agenda ? I’ll try to help in the afternoon after my CantineCamp? (an internal camp in my bank ;-)

Got it. Talk to you this evening!


Left you a message at BarCamp:ChristopheDucampCourrier?

Bonjour xtof! (Slowly, as we progress, j’apprends à parler français ;-))

I somehow missed out on the Flashmeeting at SiliconValois? on Sunday. Can you discuss what happened there. Also, I am filling in pages here, but please let me know what you see as priority for the barCampbank project, and I’ll work on that over the next few days. Getting a strucuture for meetings? WikiNet? etc. Let me know, and I’ll make some progress on it.– SamRose

Thanks Sam. I answered yesterday on BarCamp:ChristopheDucampCourrier? (but no InterWiki strategy here). Think we need StructuredMeeting?. Still dreaming on WikiTing + VideoBridge + MicroFormats… Our WikiWed? meeting in SiliconValois? was nice. Will report soon. We’re currently seeking organization (WikiVanning or sponsors for a plane) to join Alex on BarCamp:BarCampZurich?. We discussed also of the idea to design PinkoPoster?s.

Would you like some help putting together a framework for StructuredMeeting?? I have an idea, that may sound weird at first, but could possibly help move things forward for structured meeting.

My idea is based on the concept that different people will prefer different ‘structures’ for their participation. Yet, trying to make a system that will please everyone, will mire the system into an equilibrium, or stasis. It will become stuck. So, we should decide first on the nature of our core decision making process as group. Should we elect deciders, or should we all vote on everything? For each subproject (BarCamp:barCampbankThinkTank BarCamp:BarCampBankP?2Pbank, etc) we should also define who is committing to the integration of these into the BarCampBank project, and how decision makign will happen in subprojects. If BarCampBank is eventually to be split up by region, then we should look into this, too. Once we get over the hurdle of creating these decision making processes, then we can take each project, and perhaps break them down into “milestone” development phases, so that we can keep track of how we are progressing. We could even use project management software, like or, in conjunction with wiki.

Bonjour Sam. For the moment, i just tested a firt wiki-net tour for the BarCampBank canonical page currently based on mb. Awaiting some reactions in the mb court , as ChrisPurcell tested that with WhatIsaWiki. I’ve good feelings with a PublicRefineryProcess to build a nice inter-CommunityBrand?. So, let’s say I’d be very interested to test more professional and structured tools which could help to welcome newcomers afraid to sink in the WikiNet. We have already tested BaseCamp with its very nice user interface for easy project management. My answer would be : yes Sam, this active collab seems to be a great advance to gather/hold/imagine some structured meetings in our distributed conversations in the WikiNet ? I’d be very interested if you could host one ?

xtof, although I do not have the funds myself to totally pay for a needed Virtual Private Server for creating our WikiNet, Active Collab deployment (or whatever project management program we miht decide to use) and other futre applications, I would not mind trying to coordinate and organize fundraising from among our group to raise the needed funds, and trying to co-coordinate the installation and configuration and usage of the system(s) with whoever else works on this. I am not a programmer either, but I can usually struggle my way through things like this. What do you think about that?

Also, I think we should take a really close look at SocialNetworkSecurity,SoftSecurity ReputationBudget, CategoryRatingSystem, CategoryCommunicationManagement, ForFewAndMany, WeNeedToolsToOrganize, CategorySocialSoftware and SocialSynergy:SynergizeWorkflows? (and of course, probably more than I list above). We can use these insights to inform and direct the way that we design and implement social software solutions. There are usable frameworks in all of those places to create a workable model, even if people are not programmers. I have experience (through my own consulting business) helping people create, and learn how to effectively use SocialSoftware collaboration environments.

It may turn out that Project management platforms like active collab are only useful for the pilot projects that stem from the main think tank. Or it may turn out that it is undesireable to us a project management system at all. I personally like the direction of LionKimbro and other’s discussion under ForFewAndMany, where they talk about creating time balancing budgets. We could create “budgets” and indexes for all sorts of usually intangible values like that, and this could help people participate more effectively, and help the project progress. This is something that is realted to the Karma and Communiting idea, too. These metrics help facilitate Wikipedia:Value_network_analysis.

I am sure you’ll likely discuss some of the SocialSoftware issues with folks in Zurich, too. I just wanted to point to those pages as a suggested direction for thinking about problems under this subject.

I think if we start out as a WikiThinkTank, and work on meshing all of the interested parties, and then branch into the sub-projects that have been raised so far, we’ll be on a very good track to creating what I understand to be the shared vision of people involved.

Sam thank you a lot for this very kind and enthousiast answer. I have to think first and talk with french experts. Your contribution has just been dropped on CraoWiki:BarCampBank for reactions.

The first framework of roles described on WikiThinkTank could be a first track to help to build the group.

I’ll answer later to your different points. To be sincere, I really need a little time to dig in your suggested directions and achieve some french translations like the discussion based on ForFewAndMany where I’ve to catch the idea of time balanced budgets.

We have to help financial-experts newbies in wiki to join our first WikiThinkTank. Still convinced that a classical project management tool ala BaseCamp like ActiveCollab? could really help us to make people join and participate. This project - hopefully - could attract real interesting people on TheWikiWay. People just need some guides to follow in the WikiNet.

Agree on the fact that this WikiThinkTank for bank should be our core MissionStatement and will raise a lot of sub-groups.

One question Sam : would you have a first estimate to host an ActiveCollab? platform ? I could try to help to find out some money.

Hi xtof. Ok, I will hold off on digging deeper into all of the directions that i’ve layed out above until you have a chance to digest

I can get a Virtual Private Server going for about 39.90 a month (or about 478.00 a year). A Virtual Private Server would concievably be able to host all of our needs (project management software, OddWiki net, or Pro Wiki installations, anything else in the future). A VPS is a really good way to go.

However, I do also have free access to a project management system that we are welcome to use. You can check it out here:

login: xtof pw: ducamp

I gave you access here to the WebProjects? project management tool, and the WebCalendar?, and the shared contacts and WebMessage? internal emailing syste (although we can just limit it to the WEbProjects? and WebCalander?).

The interface is not quite as nice as ActiveCollab?. But, it won’t cost us anything to use, and it has all of the same functions as ActiveColab?. Feel free to check it out, and let me know if you think this will work. I can also give people access to the WebDB? functions, for quick researching of topics related to BarCampBank projects, and I can give people access to WebPresentation? function, that allows them to create a WebBased? presentation, and access to create WebDesks? (example: )

So, feel free to check it out, and let me know if you think that this could be useful in conjunction with wikis for our project. If so, we can use it right away, everything can be made public, and people can register for free at (but please let me know before we start directing people to register there for the BarCampBank project).

Hi Sam. I’m sorry to have no time. Currently trying to localize PinkoMarketing? in french. It’s hard and still a lot of work to go on the way of InterCommunityBrand? idea. My current position is to make some french people test your links. JeanChristopheCapelli talked yesterday of good feelings on your project management suggestion. Will come back later to report. Good vibes for the moment even if I have emotional troubles with some bloggers which have some difficulties to understand FairUse in the WikiNet ;-)

xtof, hello! How was BarCampZurich?? You know, I was reviewing our discussions the many different pages we have out there on different wikis regarding BarCampBank, and I think there were at least two times that you were inviting me to be present virtually during meetings, but that I somehow did not catch on until after the fact. If that is in fact the case, I really apoogize, as I am always very interested to participate. For instance, I didn’t realize that you were intending possibly having BarCampBankFlashmeeting?2 on October 28 until Frederic talked about it that day.

Anyway, we should still set a firm date for another virtual meeting. I don’t mind being the timekeeper for that meeting. What do you think? And I’ll see if I can help Frederic get his mailing list in action, so that we can use it to announce things like virtual meetings, and help point people in the right direction, etc.

Hi Sam. BarCampZurich? was a real pleasure for my GeekHealth ! Was very happy to discuss with Alex. Regarding BarCampBank, sure you’ll not be lost to embrace chaos and see the page to be considered as MobileContent. I’m not sure but think these CraoWiki:FlashMeeting? could be improved through VideoBridge efforts made by Helmut.

I’d love if you could be our timekeeper and connector for the third BarCampBank.

We could schedule it here through a simple WikiTing process where I’d be very happy to invite and hear some cw international members, speak of estimates in real cash via collaborative spreadsheet.

I’d be especially interested to invite :

This could be also a way to invite FredericBaud and JeanChristopheCapelli to help here to foster some LangueFrançaise’s POV ?


I’d be pleased to participate and am quite prepared to allocate the required time, but I generally need a few days notice to do so. I also probably need a few hints regarding the technology that will be used since I have only a very little experience with ‘live’ technologies such as ‘tings’ and ‘video bridges’.

Christophe, I copied some stuff from Crao and this page to BarCampBankFlashMeeting3. Really looking forward to it again. Thanks for reminder to EmbraceChaos. Will roll with that :) Let’s try to get the spreadhseet/WikiTing going if possible. Let me know how I can help.

An aside, I think that some time in the future, it could be interesting to invite:

  • TimKeller – Tim has some fascinating ideas emerging from SocialNetworkSecurity that could inform our BarCampBankWikiThinkTank?, and possibly other projects.

…if he is interested, fo rsome kind of involvements. Perhaps when we cover Think tank subjects?

Hans, I am also behind the times on WikiTing. (I’ve never participated, and think that I’ll need to install a copy of Linux on my ibook, because the process for getting Gobby to work on Mac OS X actually looks harder than just installing a Linux distribution and using Gobby within that :)) Although, I think above, Christophe is referring to us employing a collaborative spreadsheet to work out the possible costs of developing wiki engines in different ways.

It looks like at least for BarCampBankFlashMeeting3, it will happen within “Flashmeeting” which only requires having a web browser, and at least a working microphone and headphones on your PC, and if possible a web/video camera that works with your PC as well (I still do not have a video camera, but hope to soon). Eventually we will probably use the VideoBridge, which will probably be more stable than the Flashmeeting software. And, we’ll definitely have to work out the technical details for VideoBridge, so that we can make it easy to use for guests, new people, etc.

Anyway, we hope to get any and all interested CommunityWiki people involved, if possible.

Honestly, I’d love to, but someone’s going to have to tell me how you do that trick, where you work a full time job, and give your full attention to virtual team meetings during the workweek.

And I won’t do it with less than full attention.

(Bigger question for me is: Why are you doing this during the workweek?)

Hi all. Thanks for answering. Sorry but no time, currently working in my office with a lot of requirements this afternoon. Just to answer quickly to Lion, after having being an entrepreneur I’m officially and professionnally working for a bank now (since july 2006 till january 2008). Let’s say honestly i’m in a security, disclosure agreeement, well paid, very secured… blah environment. I really invest a major part of my personal time in imagining the future, remixing some ways of ThinkTalkAct even and especially for professional tasks. First steps are showing some “Pinko-principles” could help us. Wiki could probably help us to BeProfessional and more efficient in our personal and professional communication tasks. I love my job of exploration. Remix “from the inside” is a huge challenge. BarCampBank is just now a first imagination and effort to bring and carry our implied MissionStatement/SuperProject from the inside towards new audiences. Some of my fellows seem to appreciate. I don’t know but feel it, and my roadmap is sure : I’ll go back to independance in 2008 and just need to build blocks to help others to work ;)

Hi Christophe, thank you for your conversation in ‘Meatball’, giving me a good feeling to be welcome in this wiki. Does this community allow to continue the idea of WikiBlogging? I am ready to get in resonance with the community minds here. By the way, I found an interesting resource for French language learning, a page with english annotations and audio support. Wouldn’t this be great tool for your multilingual wiki activities. http:/ – FridemarPache

Fridemir cool to hear french here. Sorry but a bit overloaded to interact. Feel free to create your HomePage here. As soon as I’ll be able to find time, I try to investigate more about your WikiBloggingFr approach. Think WikiBlogging could help our WikiNet thinkings about the future huge idea of BlogControlledByWiki. Would you join us for our BarCampBankFlashMeeting3. By the way just tested DiigoService which is really interesting (sync with SocialBookmarking services like MaGnolia? !) and could help to follow-up our dead SocialBookmarking discussion. Fridemir, I love your merging wikispirit description with wo/manpower wikis. I don’t know WardsWiki but would be happy if they could join the WikiNet ? Would you be ready to open a PersonalWiki to open WikiBlogging experiences on OddWiki

Hi Christophe, my answer to you here, is lost, probably due to a networking problem with taoriver. Of course I am nearly ready with my programming Midi2Kb (Midipiano Kb as a replacement for a PC- keyboard.). Thank you for your friendly motivation. As soon I am finished there, I love to intensify my WikiWork? here substantially. – FridemarPache

A propos, Xtof, félicitations pour le travail de traduction que tu fais :) Si j’ai parfois des trucs a redire sur certaines traductions, j’aurais jamais l’énergie d’en faire autant !

Keep up the Good Work ! :)

Merci Emile de ta RévisionParLesPairs. Tiens à cette heure je suis dans un WisTro où j’ai pu présenter ton travail fascinant sur le WikiDrama. Première rétroaction : l’exemple sur l’EnergieNucléaire est vraiment plaisant ! Disons que ce LangageClair a beaucoup plu à un pote. Amha, je suis de plus en plus convaincu, qu’une telle rhétorique ala ThéâtreWiki pourrait peut-être bien nous aider à 1. inciter les groupes de pression à débattre proprement en toute courtoisie 2. inciter les groupes de pression à ne pas parler comme des imposteurs en se soumettant vulgairement à produire ces BazarFil 3. à ne pas trop toucher à nos WikiTabous ? Aussi à moi de te souhaiter de keep up this good this good WikiDrama !

Merci, c’est rassurant de voire que ça marche quand même un peu :) J’ai essayé de motiver des gens de de venir y laisser un mot, mais ça a pas l’air de tellement les intéresser … faudra que je trouve un sujet qui intéresse plus de wikiistes (NotreConstitutionPointNet, bon, d’accord)

Je me sens un peu coupable de pas participer autant dans le processus de traduction ^-^ L’AcadémieWiki est une tentative de faciliter / d’ameliorer la traduction en mettant en commun les connaissances … je devrais traduire plus souvent, c’est un bon exercice en fait !

;-) Moi si je le fais c’est que j’aime ça. ça calme mes nerfs durant quelques GuerreDuFeu? et surtout ça m’évite de raconter trop de bêtises qui auraient déjà été écrites 42 fois… Vacances prévues ces prochains jours jusqu’à mercredi, besoin de calme puis retour pour les essais de ThéâtreWiki sur NotreConstitutionPointNet ! J’ai parlé à OlivierAuber du principe, il n’a pas encore pris le temps de regarder l’EnergieNucléaire.

Faire des nouvelles poupees, WikiLaborantin? ou SavantFou?, GrappeDePages?, etc. ca me plait bien comme boulot. Par contre j’ai pas trop le temps dans les 15 jours qui viennent, ma famille est en visite a Pekin, je fais le guide … Hmm, bon, ptet que je trouverai le temps :)

Bonjour ; ah c’est sympa, ça fera avancer le CraoWiki:CraoWikix?. :) Mais prend ton temps pour la création de WikiPoupée?, il faut d’abord bien fixer les règles du WikiRoman?, et au pire on peut utiliser des WikiSubterfuge? pour les tests. Tu pourrais participer au projet en tant qu’acteur ! ;) A part, c’est sympa sur CommunityWiki, j’ai l’impression de voyager. Il y a vraiment un lien entre tous les wikis sur la TerreWiki?, je me sens comme sur CraoWiki (je parlerais moins librement sinon). :) Amicalement.

Ch`ere xtof,

Your translation effords are great, thanks for all of them. I do wonder about effectivity though. It is your habit to make new french pages with french titles. Nothing against french titles. The title is actually the only intranslateable camel bone stiff thing (as long as there are no EditableTitles). Everything else could be easily translated on one page, filtering out the unwanted translations with the filters below if you do not want to have the text multilingual. There would be no difference from a filtered page to a monolingual page except for the tile. We have serious translation affords going here on MultilingualExperiment, BlogazlisationNation? ‘s not too bad either. Your translation work would be more effective when being done on the original page. It makes more work (having to do the language coding every paragraph) but it brings french and englisch contents and languages together. People would remember their french in school, they would try to read the french and only few will click it away as it’s easily readable for the background colors also in multilingual setting. If it’s for the title you do it separately: originaly french pages should have french titles (this will make EditableTitles come on, which is far over time now). I’ll try to demonstrate on an other multilingual page how easy it could be to run contents on pages multilingual. Tomorrow maybe. Ci`ao.

Merci Mattis. I like your MultilingualExperiment but I’m still conviced that maintaining some active LienDeProximité [1] and a french branch with a Plan du Site are still the best way (in the far future of Internet) to pull here some new french contributors and readers. But Mattis, let’s say I remain opened to see any demo of titles who could include multilingual experience. All the PageTranslation are linked to the original page :) Have a nice week-end Mattis.

The edit mode on a multilingual page is the problem. It’s confusing to have different paragraphs in different languages. We have to find a way to filter out unwanted translations also in the edit mode. Then it really wouldn’t make any difference anymore if it’s a monolingual or a multilingual page with filters turned on you read or edit. Then it would be no disadvantage anymore to have a content discussed multilingual. Then one could try it out with people, not only enthusiasts like Luigi and Sylvie. “Hey, we work on xyz. The whole world can take part, in all languages. Wanna join in? It has no disadvantages!”

Re: Mattis saying Sylvie and I are enthusiasts …

I would rather rate myself as a (self made) mule, not an enthusiast at all; mules carry burdens to make some destination reachable, when and if there are:

  • parties willing to share the journey towards an agreed common destination;
  • trails to make a choice from, until a pathway ca be proven to be leading to the intended destination, after a trial and error selection process.

Trails, i believe, are opened/made by a special breed of enthusiasts; enthusiasts of this kind might be named solution providers or developers; there is no shortage whatsoever of trails (to some interim destination) and of their (enthusiast) developers.

Another breed of enthusiasts hes been in demand for a long (and unaccounted for) time: the journey makers who set out to reach a destination for which there cannot be any clearly mapped out pathway.

Let’s imagine that one such enthusiast (of the second kind) dreams to reach a living space (environment sounds more appropriate to me) where differences are bridged, to the point that any cross culture endeavour may be undertaken, with a reasonably manageable chance of success. Such an environment bridging function should span progressively across language, education, location, age, motivation .. (more to be added) ..

No such living environment seems to have been reached/achieved so far, after the outbreak of the Internet/Web era everybody knows (after 1993 ?); no individual enthusiast can even think of embarking on a (lonely) web journey and hope to reach/achieve it “alone”.

However, a base camp for prospective journey makers to get together and start moving towards it might be conceived, notwithstanding the communication barriers created by their own (individual) differences.

The base camp idea looks (to me) like an opportunity for allowing a basic distinction between enthusiats of the first kind (solution developers; trail makers; …) and enthusiasts (to be) of the second kind (solution users; journey makers; …).

A Cross Culture Environment (CCE) destination base camp, at this stage, may boil down to the availability of two main proofs of concept:

  • trail maps: visual descriptions of the possible trails (to be expanded from examples such as Sylvie’s Multilingual experiment space) base camp users (enthusiats of the second kind) can look at, before deciding to join a CCE journey making party
  • mules: burden carrying roles, taken up by individuals who aim to materialise a tangible borderline (an interface perhaps) between trail makers and journey makers …

I don’t know how to go ahead right now … maybe it will take a multilingual MuleTrail? page to prove this second concept … and a remake of the MultilingualExperiment … when i wake up from my sleepy italian mid August …

Hé Mattis, a filter on edit mode per language could be a great idea… to be combined with a multilingual title.

What about a poll:

“Is it effective to continue CommunityWiki and MultilingualExperiment on one engine, Oddmuse, rather than develop an own engine, a fork of Oddmuse for the MultilingualExperiment to continue on?”

5 possible answers, also in combinatioon:

  • Yes
  • maybe
  • dunno
  • rather not
  • no

Checkboxes. This has no meaning, sure - just an orientation and learning a new WikiParalanguage?.

There’s a godess with multipel tongues. What’s her name? It’s not Medusa, I think. So the multilingual Oddmuse is not MedusaOddmuse?.

With all due respect for anybody’s concern for engines: i don’t care.

I mean: if a decision is made for a new engine i’ll see what it is and how it works, but i don’t believe it’s important for the sake of generating participation; my italian contribution would still remain an isolated oddity (which could be a reason for an Oddmuse engine … rethinking about it).

The question I’d rather ask goes “Is it effective to continue a Multilingual experiment with content which does not encourage individual language speaker participation?”

Note Luigi that in your contribution above I changed the Camelbone tile MultilingualExperiment to the editable title in English, Multilingual experiment, of the page. English is the Working-language here, I guess.

Well done Mattis, thank you :) - perhaps i should start and maintain a [LinguaItaliana? Lingua Italiana] cluster - same as Christophe’s Langue Française but a lot smaller. That might provide an initial Italian Working-language environment, and help generating italian speaking people participation. But, again, the participation outcome is going to be content dependent …

But that’s true for English content as well. Readers want content. Authors want readers. Therefore, the first generation of authors has to generate a lot of text… :/

It all depends on what is wanted. Generating a lot of text implies that yet another Author <> Reader relationship is wanted. But that’s not the relationship this wiki user wants to establish. A small amount of text should describe the type of relationship this wiki user wants, for the purpose of prompting those other wiki users who may want to experience the same type of relationship to write back. Members of the first generation of (this type of general purpose) wiki users might consider publishing what they want in their own mother tongue, with an english (as a working language) version, if an approach to building a cross-cultural relationship experience is also wanted …

Heya Christophe! I’ve put a request to you on Skype for contact. My user name is LionKimbro.

Also, I see that played around with my.localnames!

I took the liberty of adding MeatballWiki and CommunityWiki to your list.

Have you made a browser shortcut? That way, you can jump straight to pages, without typing out “http://blah blah blah blah blah”. You can just type: “ln PlainTalk,” and it’ll jump right to that page on the wiki.

ALSO, I see you are using WordPress. I should post the plug-in, that let’s you refer to your localnames from within WordPress.

For example, you could write:

  blah blah blah [[PlainTalk]] blah blah [[DigitalCash]]

…in your blog, and it’ll automatically link up to the pages PlainTalk (on CW) and DigitalCash (and MB).

Let’s Skype, so I can explain it all and get you set up.

I’d like to make a namespace description for CraoWiki, too, but I need a plain text list of page names to do it (quickly.)

Thanks Lion. I just discovered LocalNames but will have to go back… Yes I’ve made a browser shortcut as you mentioned : when I type ln CraoWiki, it still refers to the local wiki. Would be interested to integrate CraoWiki as a space. FYI I will connect soon to skype but for the moment still rely on a modem dial up connexion so the WikiTalks are impossible :) . You know I’m not an expert but just saw that CraoWiki works with PhpWiki which has an XmlRpc server. Tu peux appeler la méthode wiki.getAllPages() to get ToutesLesPages de CraoWiki. L’url du serveur XmlRpc est : Is that sufficient Lion ? If not, I just could make an AppelWiki? to ArnaudFontaine :) Ok I go back on another machine to hold a chat skype… Back in 5 minutes.

hello christophe. i am so amazed to see something i contributed to translated to french. what a cool thing.

i was wondering, why didn’t you just add the link to autrans? i’d assume others would just add as they desired, and i wasn’t the only one who prepared that page… but i was wondering- does this have to do with your translation process, or was it with the way i presented the page (because i put my name on top?)

thanks again!

Let’s speak of a TranslationProcess. Really need some time to and rewriters to achive some PageTranslation while following your so prolific production. Let’s say my english is very near of BabelFish and even if I tried to study a bit XHTML+CSS on my own, it remains still complicated ;) About, WikisAreUgly, would it be possible to think of an automatic-wiki-template-generator as we can see some initiatives in blogdesigning [2] ?

Oh, wow. Thanks for the link!

I know it wasn’t for me, but BayleShanks and I were talking about wanting just such a thing for wiki over on InterWiki:ModularWiki..!

StillAnotherWiki Lion… But how many wikis do you wikimaster :) Let’s speak of InspirationMutuelle in LangueFrançaise… Still very excited about these experiences in wikidesign.

*christophe anthere *yann YannForget arnaud **bayle **florence **heather **karl KarlDubost *charles laurent **luc **mattis *sunir *helmut *piranha ****sigi *****karlos ****martin *marti **lion ***luigi **pierre **seb **sylvie SylvieBourguet **serge

hi christophe. voici ton arbre de wiki personnel. j’espère qu’il te plaît. – sigi (voir aussi WikiDe:BaumListing?)

Thanks sigi :p

hi christophe. il est divertit, voir élever notre arbre.

i’ll ask piranha to translate, than we can communicate in englisch. – sigi

I’ll help as well.

could grow soon in LangueFrançaise cluster… Added SylvieBourguet and still awaiting for YannLeGuennec ? AntHere could come with YannForget ? KarlDubost with CharlesNepote ?

Salut xtof ! Bon, ne compte pas sur moi pour causer ici en GrandBreton? … Après tout, ta page elle est LangueFrançaise, non ? Non ? Ben tu devrais ;)

bonjour xtof, en ce qui concerne WikiChaîne : WikiCanal ne serait -il pas plus pertinent pour traduire WikiChannel, histoire de rester dans le registre IRC ? A+ :) --SylvieBourguet

Merci Sylvie pour cette suggestion :) content de te voir participer. J’efface la page et attend vivement ta venue avec IndicationAuteur sur cw !

Prego :) Pour ce qui est de l’IndicationAuteur j’y pense et puis j’oublie… mais je vais de ce pas le noter sur mon Craocalendar tout neuf ;) --SB

Thanks of reminding me of StephanieBooth on MyFirstPage:) I remember adding my homepage to her bilingual wiki.

Manifesto for Collaborative Tools
sympa ta traduction éclair ! la motivation y a que ça de vrai :) A+ Sylvie

Hello Christophe, j’espère que ca se passe bien à l’hosto. On pense à toi—-OlivierSeres?

hey, Christophe! we were just wondering on #wiki whether everything was ok with you.

hi christophe. je t’estime beaucoup. – sigi

:Thanks for all. All is ok now. One day I will try a way to give some news on #wiki. But for the moment I prefer to keep some rest and distance in an ansynchronous way. Just a bit of JabberPresence? (in an invisible mode !) just to keep connected with my children in the evening. Will have to rest till 7th July in Normandy. After I plan to stay 3 weeks in bed followed by 6 weeks of daily x-ray treatment. And all should be ok :) (I did not find any WisTro in Gustave Roussy…). Let’s say it will gimme some time to follow some SeedPosting in LangueFrançaise to develop a CliqueDeWikis? ! – xtof

To give the French pages more visibility, I suggest you no longer use minor edits to edit them. If people mind, they can use the language filter options available to them. This way occasional visitors from CraoWiki will not feel that the site is English-only. – AlexSchroeder :ok Alex :)

LangageClair, Pir and lion in french, hillarious. I wanted to comment on it, seeing now that you seem seriously ill. Bed and x-ray treatment, well. I send you all available power xtof to recover very soon.
It’s the same old story about translation. LangageClair could, no should be PlainTalk with french only activated (+ editable pagetitles, remember?). We were joking on IRC that you can’t be human, no, you must be a translating machine. I wouldn’t blush to start KlaresGespräch? in good ol’ plain German only. It’s rather a motivation problem. Not that I’m lazy, but it feels like isolating people. I prefer to “disturb” the english text with German here (surely trying to keep a balance MindTheGap). Sigi does it (his English is better than we first thought btw), and the translation works fine. Pir and I jump in and help when it seems worth it. What Alex said above is about the same issue. I whish there would be more of this [fr]rouge[xx] scattered all over CW. I tend to ignore the [fr]rouge[xx] cluster. So many other stuff is important, and inside it there it is all [fr]rouge[xx], and my [fr]rouge[xx] is bad and that’s frustrating me - so I do avoid it. If [fr]rouge[xx] would be more present in the non-[fr]rouge[xx], I’d probably realize that my [fr]rouge[xx] isn’t that bad at all. Translate interesting spots in the ongoing discussions, make the [fr]rouge[xx]folks talk. OneBigSoup is served on OneBigTable?, right?

[en] Hi Mattis. I would love to invite my children and all the NextNextGeneration? (7-14) at our table via a FamilyWiki. I strongly believe FamilyWiki could be invited to UneGrandeSoupe. But in the WikiNow it remains really hard to understand. We should need PlainTalk on UneGrandeTable :)

Salut Christophe, je te souhaite un agréable séjour en compagnie de tes enfants et reposes toi bien aussi, … A chacun selon son rythme et sa disponibilité, la vie est faite d’étapes alors roulez jeunesse et à trés bientôt pour de nouvelles zaventures :-) --sylvie

Christophe, I just wanted to let you know: I am surprised and amazed by your wiki noding!

It’s a different style than I’ve been using, but I don’t care! It’s also much more informative. I’m so happy with all the policy information present, including licensing information and stuff. Totally cool!

Anyways. Just letting you know I like it, and appreciate it. :)

Carry WikiNoding? into other languages. :)


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