Entrepreneur, Visionary & Technologist

Berkeley, CA

Life With Alacrity is my professional blog, covering a variety of topics including entrepreneuring, collaboration, groupware, social software, online communities, facilitation, wiki, internet security, trust, cryptography, privacy, interface design, internet media, internet tools, and other topics that I am passionate about.

I am an entrepreneur, advisor and technologist specializing in online security and social software. I have a proven record founding, growing, managing, and selling technology companies. I am seeking a role as an advisor, consultant, interim manager, CEO or CTO in a visionary technology company. My full resume is included at my LinkedIn Profile, or you may link to me via my Orkut Page.

  Interests: groupware, collaboration, consensus, security, cryptography, 
  SSL, TLS, IETF, social software, blogging, internet, architecture, interface,
  design, programming, technology, social games, online games,
  role-playing games, books, movies, hand-drumming


You've got everything you need to make it work, now. :) Just put "[ new:ChristopherAllen ]" (without spaces) before your ThreadMode, and it'll work!

Bonjour Christopher et bienvenue sur CommunityWiki. En français ça fonctionne aussi. Regardez IndicationAuteur ;) A plus tard.

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heya, Christopher; welcome. hand-drumming – nifty. have just taken that up myself.

Welcome, Christopher!



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