Collab-editing in a brower. How could wikis be like with a collab-editing function buit in?

Something to imagine, maybe without thinking about if it ever would be possible to code. Excuse me for that. Would there still be a read-only and an edit-mode?
My first taste of this idea: It has a feel of MetaBaby somehow. It isn't neither stable nor instable, it's in between. Weather it works depends … on what?

  • on how much we see humanity as a grooving band kinda. :)

Well, technically, it should be possible to code :) in Java, or with Ajax (Javascript and other nifty stuff …) I don't know if there are efforts in that direction .. you have browser-based chatrooms and online games, why not collaborative editors ?

Yes, I remember, Tom had (I guess) a javascript version of MoonEdit run in a browser window last spring for a while. It worked. We wrote simultaneously in it. I'd like to know what wikis could be like, big scale. Take wikipedia as a known example. It's just trying to imagine it.

You read a page. You see it change in real time. You see who edits it (real name). There is a button to VoIP-call or invite the person to a conference-call.

You can directly edit where you read. The moment you type the first letter your real name appears in the list of editors (incl. call button).

As there are some fools out there not everybody can edit. Only these in a tree like we started on WikiFolks can. Make such a tree grow. I can include a friend in the tree who never touched a computer before, but I trust this person (and I teach some computer application basics), I can inlude someone who writes me an email "Hey, what you folks do is great, I'd like to take part of it. I wrote URL, can't you inlude me into the tree please."

Make thousands of little nuclei start their RealTimeWiki. Make it easy to trust entire groups and give them editing rights to your own wiki and verse vica. Let it grow freely in every direction.

Something close to a collaborative editor would be a SharedBrowser? (see LowTechSharedBrowser?) on a wiki …

At least, I can imagine a point in the future where there is a continuity between all that. When you're on a seldom-visited page, all seems like it is now. But in high-traffic places, you can see which "nearby" people are also browsing the page, or have read it. "Some guy who reads your blog is reading this page right now !", "MattisManzel read this page two days ago !", and editing of high-traffic wiki pages (either because they're the current focus of attention, or because they have high traffic, like Wikipedia's current events) becomes collaborative editing. And whether you're browsing or editing, you can always have a chat with whoever's doing the same.

Pretty one big soupish …

I'm trying to get an AJAX collaborative editor (CoTor) for wiki together in time to demo it at WikiSym. Anyone who would like to help will be most welcome. I'll do what I can to furnish any interested parties with an easy development environment to hack at CoTor with.

Cool. Would be great. Every week collab-editing is ready earlier the chance to save the world augments.
Seems like I mean a pretty different way to go than the wiki-way nowadays.
We use a system that is open to everyone. Spammers included.
Imagine you could trust the people you work with. Spammers excluded.
Imagine you could be sure that noone will ever spam. Couldn't you, shouldn't you, wouldn't you build a system that is radicaly more open, more effective than what is wiki today? Imagine the speed and the fun we could work with if it would be all real time.
The problem that raises then is how to keep the fools out?
We only let in non-fools. We concentrate on developing this filter and on the other hand we blow wiki completetly open, so that we can work how we want to work. (How many of you ever tried collab-editing btw?)
Remember, I'm just also talking about community-wiki, not only about it. I mean wikilandia. Poly-nuclei. I mean make a new form of social software, spread it so that gets more and more popular. It must have both, two levels. The traditional wiki level, everybody can edit. And the open level wich is restricted to the trusted, Alex, Lion, and so on, me included. And whoever we want to give real-time editing rights. And we can also remove such a right. This upper level:
There is no difference between read and edit-mode anymore.
You can edit whereever you put your cursor, you see the page being edited at the same time by other buddies.
Maybe something like automatically inserting the changes done in the traditional-wiki-mode every minute so that we can react on the notions from outsides the editing paradise. Dunno.
The new system has a button: freeze. It freezes the upper level if someone pushes it. You can commonly unlock this freeze.

Now imagine meatball would build the same tree for them and we could say we entirely trust meatball, thus all their tree folks have real-time editing rights on community-wiki and vice versa.

Takes several levels of trusted. For example Brandon, who was on testing which means he has collab-editing rights to community-wiki, but not automatically to meatball, despite they decided to trust us, but only on the stable level. We accept the meatball testing level. That's what the freeze button is for (amongst). Brandon at least gets internally polled from testing to stable these days.

K, the poll was just an example. We don't need a poll in that case. We do such by heart on CW, k.

Very cool ideas. So there's no "Edit this page" link anymore if you're trusted. You just edit the document like you do when you're reading something in your WYSIWIG text editor. Awesome!

I think you still need edit vs. browse modes for two main reasons. 1. To avoid accidental changes (Sometimes your cat walks on your keyboard while you are out of the room) 2. Things like links have a different meaning depending on whether you are editing or browsing. Check out for how I envision switching back and forth. Please note that it isn't a collaborative editor yet … just moving slowly in that direction.

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