A CollaborativeEditor allows multiple individuals to simultaneously edit the same document.

Collaborative real-time editing of text online is fascinating. When properly worked into the wiki-process it has the potential to speed up the development of wikilandia enormously.

The available collaborative editing programs are not perfect yet. This page is to foster their evolution. This page is for general discussion on collab-editing. Everything specific to a single project goes to the project pages.

It’s also meant as a feedback platform to give the developers information about what features are needed, what the possible applications are, …

This Cluster has a homepage on the wiki-center collab-editor-wiki.

The List

Functional and available (move entry up when a new version is released):

  The main part of the former discussion is on this page.

Functional, not yet publicly available:



Graphics whiteboarding:

CollaborativeEditor-ish WYSIWYGs that aren’t simultaneous:


Other resources re collaborative editing

other lists:

Encyclopedic entries are

There is also s23-wiki: collaborative editor.

applications of collab-editing are

See also this blog post:

I would also, at this juncture, like to renew my annual request to the gods that somebody on the OS X team please (Please!) steal the collaborative editing functionality of SubEthaEdit and put it into any app that supports text editing. That functionality should be like printing; a baked-in service that’s ubiquitous and configurable once from the System Preferences, then portable anywhere that the router has the correct holes punched. I’d so kill for that.

So there is some demand :)

These pages are good for describing the state of art, but are not appropriate venues for development of the concepts and supporting code. As important technical points are refined and project milestones are reached, we will work together to keep the encyclopedic pages up to date.


Googling collaborative editor shows that many people are working on it. Mostly I do not understand much.

Re: this line in this page (not sure if i’m using this feature right)

Sylvie and myself experienced using simultaneously in WYSIWYG mode

Note for Mattis: to test the Writely Ting page by mid-November you must let me in as collaborator … please use : luigi DOT bertuzzi AT mclink DOT net

So, is Wikipedia:PictoChat a graphical collaborative editor?

No. Because you can’t collaborate on the same image in real-time. It’s a graphical instant messenger.

I wonder if Conspire and/or WritingLark? could be used with emacs’ WikiMode (minor/major). Dunno what’s on the Meatball WikiMode page ‘cause it’s down right now, so:

I tried to use at a San Diego BarCamp a few weeks ago. The network was extremely congested and collabedit couldn’t handle that. Google Docs worked.

I’m surprised there doesn’t seem to be a current browser-based open-source contender.

WritingLark?’s Emacs client can be used with any Emacs major or minor mode that you’d use to edit normal files. The only exceptions I know of are the various auto-filling or word-wrapping modes and probably Hexl mode. Emacs’s display engine will likely have usable word-wrapping capabilities by the time Emacs 23 is released. I recommend using another tool if you need to collaboratively edit binary files :-)

Using the Emacs client with WikiMode would not be very useful, since it’s for editing local wikis. But writinglark could be used to edit multi-user wikis, either using one of the Web interfaces or with modified versions of Emacs wiki clients (e.g. oddmuse-mode).



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